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Redditor Wonders If She Should Press Charges Against Her Mother-In-Law Who Stole Her Diamond Earrings On Her Wedding Day

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Nov. 22 2022, Published 11:27 a.m. ET

Family is one of the most important units of one’s life, and it is ideal to interact with them in an amicable manner. However, when the family goes overboard to hurt you in a manner that’s almost unbelievable, you are most likely to take drastic action, or at the very least, sit and wonder about the dilemma. A Reddit user with a relatable story took to her AITA platform opening up about a dire situation with her mother-in-law.

The OP made it known that there was an exchange between them, and as of the present, things have gotten to the level where she might end up taking legal action. The narrator took other Redditors through her current situation starting from when she got engaged to her 34-year-old husband.

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The netizen, who described herself as a 28-year-old female, noted that it all started after her mom gifted her a pair of 4-carat diamond drooping earrings. She was made to understand that every woman in their family wore the jewelry on their wedding day, and it has since been passed down through generations.

The OP Received A Significant Family Jewelry From Her Mom

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The Redditor On Her Big Day

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Things Took An Unexpected Turn

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Her Precious Earrings Went Missing

While preparations were ongoing for her wedding, the OP, her mom, sister, and mother-in-law all went wedding dress shopping, and she went with all her jewelry to make sure she got a dress that matched. After her husband’s mom sighted the family heirloom, she was so fascinated that she gushed over it. It was there that the OP’s mom explained the traditional significance of the earrings.

Fast forward to her wedding day, when the bride dressed up for her big day. She explained that her mother-in-law was there with her, but she quickly had to leave to be somewhere else. The bride had her items laid out, including her shoes and jewelry, when she stepped out to use the bathroom.

She relayed that when she returned, her mother-in-law was nowhere to be found. The young lady instantly thought she probably needed to get something and that was why she left. However, things soon turned a bit ugly when she could not find her beloved earrings. The bride was immediately alarmed, as she thought the only person who could take them was her mother-in-law. The Redditor stated that she wasted no time going in search of the older lady.

After finding her and demanding the diamond earrings, her mother-in-law denied being with the missing item and also refused to allow her daughter-in-law to search her purse. Things escalated and the Redditor ended up inviting the police. After a search was conducted, the earrings were found in her mother-in-law’s purse. This resulted in an undesirable situation, but the mother-in-law was not remorseful. However, her son supported his new wife, even suggesting that she press charges if she felt like it.

The Redditor shared that she chose not to make a decision in the heat of the moment while concentrating on her wedding and having a great event. However, the days following the incident were literal hell. The narrator received several threatening messages and calls from her husband's side of the family due to the issue with her mother-in-law. She also received hateful messages, and this has prompted her to want to press charges. Notwithstanding, she is still in a dilemma on whether she should go further with her decision.

NTA- OP Was Right To Call The Cops

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OP Is Advised To Press Charges

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OP Is Advised To Also Report The Threatening Calls And Messages

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