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Woman Gets Slammed By Redditors For Kicking Out Her Husband's Friend's Plus One From Her Wedding


Nov. 15 2022, Published 2:57 p.m. ET

A new debate has recently sparked in the AITA community on Reddit after a newly married woman shared her wedding day experience. Of course, weddings are some of the best days in a person's life, but that doesn't mean they are perfect, and couples are usually aware of the many things that can go wrong.

However, this bride wasn't happy about one thing going differently than she wanted and decided to ask users if she was in the wrong for what she did. In the post, she explained that she and her husband chose not to give any plus ones other than to married couples, but they made an exception for the groom's long-time friend.

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Though she wasn't thrilled about it, she accepted and gave the friend a plus one, so he could attend with his girlfriend, whom the poster had only met a couple of times. However, when he arrived, he wasn't with the same girl.

The husband explained that his friend had recently broken up the relationship, but since he already had rsvp as two people, he decided to invite someone else instead. The bride was clearly upset and asked one of her bridesmaids to tell him that his friend must leave because it was a private event.

She thought it was all good since the girl left without trouble; still, she later noticed that the groom's friend had gone too and never returned. When the husband noticed, he was deeply angry because his friend had traveled from far away to be at the wedding.

The OP ended the post by explaining that it has been a few weeks, her husband is still mad about the situation, and his friend hasn't returned any of his texts.

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People in the comments agreed that she was entirely wrong for kicking the girl out of the wedding. Some users even shared their own similar experiences explaining why they would never do what she did.

Others were talking about the poor communication between the couple since she should have asked her recent husband beforehand rather than let him find out this way and cause him to lose a childhood friend.

Several comments stated how they didn't think the marriage would last. Overall, they accused her of being selfish and controlling because she only thought about herself when she could have enjoyed the wedding with her loved ones.

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