Casey Anthony Reaches Settlement With Caylee’s Searchers

Casey Anthony may have been acquitted for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, but that won’t prevent her from potentially paying back some of the $100,000 spent on search efforts.

Caylee escaped a murder charge but was found guilty of ying to investigators when she told them Caylee had been kidnapped, prompting a nationwide search for the girl.

Six months after her disappearance young Caylee’s body was found dumped in the wood near Anthony’s home.

Casey Anthony was sued by Texas EqueeSearch. The company claims it drained its bank accounts to bring in “countless” volunteers to help in the search for Caylee. It was later claimed that Caylee actually drowned in the family’s backyard pool, and that Casey knew her daughter was not really missing.

The 26-year-old filed for bankruptcy in January 2013, claiming that she had only $1,000 in assets and $800,000 in debt.

Under terms of the settlement, Anthony will not object to Texas EquuSearch being named as a $75,000 creditor in her bankruptcy case. In return the organization won’t object to Anthony’s bankruptcy petition for discharge.

The only real earning potential Casey Anthony has left is the rights to her life story. Bankruptcy trustee Stephen Meininger went after those rights but Anthony’s lawyers objected, citing constitutional rights and other issues. Her life story, if acquired, could potentially be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A lawyer from the settling company admits that it may never receive the money but notes, “Texas EquuSearch’s mission and purpose is to help families and individuals to find their missing loved ones. That’s the reason they helped the Anthony family in the first place. While they were searching for Caylee, they got calls from other families for help and had to turn them away.”

Anthony is still being sued for defamation after she falsely claimed that Zenaida Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter. A women with a similar name was harassed following that accusation.