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Would You Be Upset If Your Significant Other Boarded The Plane Before You?

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Nov. 13 2022, Published 12:59 p.m. ET

Significant others in romantic relationships often have expectations they desire in their partners, and things could go awry when the other person does not meet those standards. Expectations could include wanting your significant other to fix you a plate while they are getting theirs or simply prioritize you in situations. This narrative applies to a Reddit user who reached out to the AITA group opening up on an issue in her relationship that boiled down to a certain flight. The original poster introduced herself as a 24-year-old female while her partner was a 26-year-old male. The pair's issue started after they made their way through the airport to observe Thanksgiving with her parents in another city.

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The OP And Her Boyfriend Were In Different Boarding Groups

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Her Boyfriend Was In The First Group

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The OP Was Not Happy With His Action

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She Said He Had Never Boarded Before Her

Due to the grouping system applied at the checkpoints, it turned out that the Redditor and her boyfriend were in different boarding groups, although they weren't far apart. Because he was in active military service, he boarded before her. However, she fell in the third category because she was a seasoned traveler. Nonetheless, the OP was perplexed and pissed that her boyfriend decided to board before her. She explained that this was the first time he did it, as he had never used his active military privilege.

She added that they had traveled together a couple of times before, within which they always boarded together. When she finally got on the plane, she demanded to know why he abruptly decided to board before her. This ensued in a little argument on the plane, but her boyfriend thought she was too dramatic. She interrogated him for boarding before her when he had never done that before. The OP also noted that she brought it up because the groups were not that large, and he could have waited with her to get called in as they did in the past. He however refuted her points, noting that he had a right to use the active military opportunity.

She noted that although he considered that she was being too extra about the situation, she felt like her disagreement was justified. Towards the end of her post, the narrator made an edit to her post, noting that she knew she acted like a big AH and was going to apologize to him, but she needed other people's opinions to see if she went overboard with her dissatisfaction.

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The OP Shouldn't Have Picked A Fight

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Op Is Considered YTA For The 'Unnecessary Drama'

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YTA- OP Was Being Petty

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