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Man Loses It After Wife Refuses To Help Pack Him Lunch When He's Running Late For Work

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Nov. 11 2022, Published 5:10 p.m. ET

Boundaries and compromise are two of the most important aspects of any relationship, and while they may seem to be opposites, it is safe to say they walk hand in hand to effect a seamless relationship. However, the two can sometimes be misconstrued such that issues arise and significant others clash. In line with this dire circumstance, a Reddit user shared his story with the AITA community over a similar issue between him and his wife. The media user, a 29-year-old, relayed how he had woken up late for work one day.

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The OP Was Running Late For WORK

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His Wife Stayed Adamant On Her Refusal To pack Him Lunch

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Things Escalate Between The Couple

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The Redditor Can't Help Being Pissed At His Wife After Their Lunch Pack Episode

According to the Reddit user, he woke up about 30 minutes late for work after staying up all night to watch a series. He quickly got up from bed and dashed into the bathroom.

He called to let his boss know that he would come in late but continued getting ready for work as quickly as possible. While he was in a frenzy, his 28-year-old wife did not bother getting involved. But the man explained that she had no idea he was running late as she did not know what days he had to be at work because his starting time varies.

However, as he was about to get into the shower, he called on his wife to help pack his lunch as he was already late for work. He said all he needed was a sandwich, some fruit and chips, and a couple of pop bottles. She refused and instead yelled back that she would do no such thing. The man pleaded but she remained headstrong.

The Redditor then explained that his wife never packs his lunch because of a rather traumatizing childhood experience. He wrote that she grew up in a family where her father always expected her mother to pack his lunch. Her father was entitled and never acknowledged her mother's efforts.

But while the Redditor's wife never packs his lunch, she does not mind cooking dinner or doing the laundry and other chores. The narrator also noted that he never leaves the chore to his wife alone, and the fact that she does not pack his lunch was never a problem.

However, what got him angry was that he did not expect her to stand by her rule to not pack his lunch despite seeing him in such a panicked state. He noted that she was sitting leisurely while scrolling through her phone when he finally got ready and his lunch cooler was empty.

He left the house angry without his lunch and had to buy food from a vending machine. What is most concerning is that the Redditor can not seem to get over his anger. He noted that he had really needed his wife's help, and now he could not stand seeing her. He is unsure how to continue his relationship after the event as he still feels furious. After reading through the narrator's plight, here's how other Redditors deliberated on the situation.

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Marriage Is All About Partnership

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Boundaries Should Be Respected, But the OP's Wife Should Have Helped Him The One-Time

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OP's Wife Could Have Helped, And OP Could Have Sought Other Options

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