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Redditor Sparks Debate After Calling Her Sister Selfish For Announcing Her Pregnancy At Their Parents' House

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Nov. 11 2022, Published 4:55 p.m. ET

While being aware and sensitive to people's situations is a good character trait, this can be considered a matter of subjectivity. Does one draw the line in the parlance of over-sensitivity? A Reddit user recently had many other social media users deliberating on an issue that occurred between her and her sister.

She shared the story of the moment she called her sister a selfish person after the lady announced that she was pregnant. The Redditor explained that she and her husband have been having infertility issues and her sister's announcement struck a nerve between her and her spouse. In her original post, the internet user wanted to know if she was wrong for saying her sister was self-centered.

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Inside The Story Of A Redditor Family Dilemma

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She Felt Her Sister Was Inconsiderate With The Pregnancy Announcement

According to the narrator, she and her husband have been trying to have a baby since 2017 to no avail. She said her husband became understandably devastated as he desires to have kids but has not gotten the chance to be a father. The man is sensitive when it comes to infertility topics, and his wife's family is aware of this.

During a recent dinner date organized at the Redditor's parent's home, her sister and her husband announced they were expecting a baby. The Redditor noted that she and her husband were shocked by the news. But every other person was thrilled and congratulated the parents-to-be. However, the narrator's husband got up, pushed his chair aside, and stormed out. His actions drew everyone's attention to his wife, and then she stood up and told her sister that she had messed up.

The Reddit user told her sister that she should have considered her husband's sensitive nature before announcing the pregnancy. The pregnant lady then became defensive and said the man's attitude towards fertility topics was not her problem. The sister said she and her husband were tired of walking on eggshells around the couple, and that was when the Reddit user called her sister a selfish and cruel person. The pregnant sister then complained that her sibling and her sensitive husband had ruined her joy. But the Redditor insisted that she should have chosen a different place to make her announcement.

The ladies continued arguing until their mother interfered and asked the narrator to go home. Since then, things have been horrible between the sisters, and the narrator explained that her parents believe she owes her sister an apology.

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The Redditor Is Labeled YTA

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The Original Poster Is Advised To Seek Therapy

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The OP Is Considered The Selfish Person In The Situation

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