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Husband Publicly Humiliates Wife By Laughing At Her Weight Gain Yet Blames Her For Being Oversensitive

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Nov. 9 2022, Published 4:37 p.m. ET

Body image issues are real issues, and it is safe to say that they should not be taken lightly. While many attest to being sensitive to such situations, is there a spectrum for oversensitivity? A Reddit user, who described herself as a 32-year-old female wants to know if she became overly sensitive after her spouse publicly laughed at her outfit due to her weight gain. She revealed that while she has been advised to see a therapist, there seems to be a nagging feeling about being laughed at by her significant order, in public.

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The Original Poster Shared Her Story

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Humiliating Moment With Her Husband After Weight Gain

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OP Became Confused About Her Reaction

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She Wanted To Know If She Overreacted

According to the wife, immediately after her husband set his eyes on her, he started giggling and tried to cover his mouth. She said he pointed at her and in a matter of seconds, he burst out laughing and said "oh my God."

The guests were confused at first but when they realized the reason behind the husband's laughter, they also joined. His friends whistled at the Redditor mockingly while he repeatedly turned his head implying that something caught his attention.

The Reddit user who had attended the party with her sister became angry with her husband and his friends' reactions and walked out of the restaurant. She cried when she got home while her husband kept calling.

When the man got home, he started talking about how oversensitive his wife had been and noted that he only reacted naturally. The husband said his wife had overreacted and made a scene over nothing. He also said she ruined his birthday and urged her to get therapy for her oversensitivity.

After explaining all that happened on her husband's birthday, the Redditor asked viewers if she overreacted. The lady explained that her husband's jokes and laughter are not new as he has always been a person who enjoys teasing people.

Other Reddit users were not pleased with the husband's attitude and many people noted that he was insensitive. Another commenter explained that the husband might have purposely asked his wife to wear her old dress so he could shame her into losing weight faster. More Reddit users weighed in on the situation and from their inference, it was clear many stood by her.

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Many Redditors Shared Their Opinions

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NTA- OP Was Gaslighted

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This Netizen Raised The Issue Of Emotional Abuse

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