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'Indeed Is Wild': TikTokers Share Major Red Flags When Applying For Jobs

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Nov. 9 2022, Published 2:26 p.m. ET

Many TikTok users have been posting instances that indicate a red flag in their jobs and as the challenge goes viral, a particular company became the center of controversy. Employment ad site Indeed took the spotlight after @paulblackledge's TikTok Video went viral.

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When You Get A Job Fast

In a TikTok video, a man named Paul Blackledge demonstrated the suspicious feeling one has after being employed too fast. In the clip shared, Blackledge sits in an empty room wondering why he was the only one there. He then took a deep breath and looked sad as he realized the situation.

According to Blackledge's caption, the office was empty because he was the only employee as every other person had left. Blackledge realized that was the reason he got hired in the first place and he wrote, "When you realize why you got that job on Indeed." He then implied that the video was sarcastic in his caption:

"Yeah 10 mins in and this isn’t gonna work out,” with the hashtag “#jokes."

People's Reactions To Blackledge's Critical Post

As Blackledge's TikTok update about being hired fast went viral, many viewers dropped their experiences on swift employment in his comment section. One person wrote: "You know it’s gonna be bad when they don’t even ask questions in the interview, they’re telling you the job and say you’re hired."

Another person noted: "I trained 4 people on my first day at my job. They said I should take it as a complement. I should of taken it as a warning."

Someone else also wrote about being put on a company's schedule without even going to an interview. Blackledge's update has since gotten over 72.0k loves.

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How Many Viewers Really Feel About Being Hired On The Spot

Apparently, it appears that being employed on the spot or being hired a few hours after an interview might be a red flag. Blackledge's video and over 350 commenters' statements showed that jobs, where they were hired on the spot, haven't panned out well.

A commenter wrote about getting a job after a 30-minute interview. However, this person started interviewing for another job 2 months after. Another person also regretted being hired on the spot.

Employment Red Flags

Recently TikTok challenges about red flags when seeking employment have served as a warning means for applicants as people share bad experiences that double as warnings.

Some examples of this warning are instances where applicants are immediately rejected after applying for a server job. Another example is situations where an applicant is required to pay $50 weekly to work for a company.


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