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Redditor Wants To Know If He Is Wrong For Telling His Mom He Was No Longer Her Kid

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Nov. 8 2022, Published 10:29 a.m. ET

On November 7, Redditor u/ToreSoveren took to the social media platform to seek advice regarding his decision to cut his mother off following a complicated family issue. In a post titled "AITA for telling my mom she only has one kid?", the user revealed that he and his sister were only six and five years old, respectively, when their parents divorced.

Three years later, OP's mother met a new man. According to the post, the man was a widower with a seven-month-old baby. Nevertheless, the duo started dating, and soon after, OP's mom moved in with her new partner. She took his little son as hers, and the man did the same with his woman's two daughters.

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A few weeks later, the pair got engaged, but sadly, a few weeks before their wedding, OP's dad passed away. Following his demise, everything changed. OP's mom became completely estranged from her ex-husband's family and barely allowed her daughters to see them.

For OP's paternal grandparents, seeing their grandkids was only possible if they agreed to attend OP's mother's wedding and watch after the three kids (OP's stepbrother inclusive). They obliged, but after the wedding, nothing changed. The poster's grandparents couldn't see him and his sister unless they included the stepson.

Unfortunately, it became a norm in the months and years that followed. OP's stepbrother had to be a part of every family issue, including OP's late father's birthday celebration, even though the duo never met and were not related. It became a problem, especially for the poster and his sister, who believed their stepbrother did not deserve to be a part of their dad's posthumous birthday celebration because he wasn't his child.

Still, OP's mother stood her ground, insisting that her stepson be a part of everything happening in her ex-husband's family. But when OP turned 18, everything changed. His stepbrother wasn't allowed anymore, and he and his sister also stopped visiting their mother frequently.

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Eventually, the mother and her daughters became distant, but the former was not having any of it. One day, she showed up at OP's workplace, wanting to talk about why her kids refused to advocate for their stepbrother and discarded him. It was at this point OP spoke some rather surprising words to his mom.

"I told her she had only one kid, her stepson, and that my sister and I were no longer her kids and my family were no longer forced to include him to see us and it was all her fault for forcing it in the first place,"OP noted.

Now, the poster is curious to know if his choice of words were right or wrong. Well, many Reddit users took to the comments area to share their thoughts.

The Redditor Shares His Story

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The Sisters Wonder Why Their Stepbrother Should Be Seen As Part Of The Family

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OP Says Goodbye To His Mom

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Was The Redditor Right Or Wrong?

Redditors argued that the OP was right to set the boundary between his stepbrother and his late father's family. Considering that the boy never met OP's dad and was never a part of the family before his demise, one could say that the Redditors' arguments are right. Certain events like memorials and posthumous birthday celebrations are mostly private and only open to the attendance of family members.

As a result, it is not surprising that OP's mother's insistence on including her stepson in every family occasion became a problem for the poster and his sister. Some also argued that using OP and his sister to blackmail their grandparents was terrible. Overall, OP was tagged NTA for his actions.

Other Redditors' Reactions

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The Votes Are Out Against OP's Mom

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OP's Mom Was Selfish

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