The Golden Eagle
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See How These Golden Eagles Easily Kill A Wolf

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Nov. 7 2022, Published 9:35 a.m. ET

The golden eagle remains one of the largest, nimblest, and fastest raptors. A bird of prey belonging to the eagle and the hawk families, it shares similarities with the bald eagle, like the size. But unlike the latter, the golden eagle is more of a predator and less of a scavenger. It is a magnificent bird widespread in the wilder countries of Asia, North America, and Europe.

The male and the female golden eagle are known for their voracious hunting abilities, regularly taking prey up to the size of cranes and foxes. As a result, the large bird has always been important to many native American and Asian tribes, who admire its strength and courage. Here are more details about the golden eagle.

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Can Golden Eagles Be Trained?

The golden eagle is known for a certain feeling behavior. First, it searches for its prey by flying high or low over slopes. Then, finally, when prey is spotted, the golden eagle dives to capture it with its talons. Sometimes, members of a pair hunt together, with the second bird capturing the prey that escapes from the first predator.

Due to this feeding behavior, native Americans and Asians have taken advantage of the great hunting abilities of the golden eagle in the past years. Rather than hunting animals in the wild themselves, these individuals specifically train the birds to do the hunting effectively.

A Golden Eagle Can Kill A Wolf

In October 2010, a video was shared on the DexterCompton YouTube channel, portraying a golden eagle's incredible power. The short clip also showed how some Mongolians used the bird's sheer size and strength. In the over two-minute video, the individuals send off the trained birds for wolf hunting.

After being shown the prey, the golden eagle flies off its owner's arms, hellbent on taking down the wolf. It soars for a while with its eyes fixed on the running prey before plunging to capture it. Finally, with the help of a second golden eagle, the wolf is easily killed. Following the successful mission, the eagle returns to its trainer, and the latter takes away the slayed wolf.

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What Did Viewers Think About It?

Since the video was shared on YouTube over a decade ago, it has garnered over a million views and about two thousand likes. Many viewers have also taken to the comments section to air their thoughts about the power of the eagle and the collaboration between the bird and humans. One viewer described the bird as "badass," while another wrote:

"These Mongols are very resourceful considering they come from such barren land. To be able to train eagles to do this is incredible."

Wolves, Predators, And Preys

Unfortunately, even though wolves can be termed apex predators, they are also the targets of other predators. Videos shared on social media have captured scenes of other animals, like cougars and tigers, attacking and killing the species.

Due to the high killing rate by other animals and humans, it is estimated that wolves might go extinct in the years to come. As a result, some countries protect them under the Endangered Species Act.


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