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Here's Why You Have To Watch Netflix's Shocking 'Killer Sally'

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Nov. 2 2022, Published 9:47 a.m. ET

On October 19, 2022, Netflix released the official teaser of bodybuilding's most notorious crime docuseries, Killer Sally. The three-part true crime documentary delves into the life of Sally McNeil, a former bodybuilder who murdered her bodybuilder husband Ray McNeil with a gun on Valentine's Day in 1995.

In the trailer, Sally and her friends and family underwent interviews, charting the bodybuilding couple's rocky marriage and its tragic end. Today, days after the official trailer was released, the first episode of Killer Sally has finally hit Netflix. Viewers are introduced to the killer, who was eventually charged with murder in the second degree. Here are the details.

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Inside Sally And Ray's Rocky Relationship

Sally and Ray first crossed paths in the marines and tied the knot in 1987. Three years later, she was discharged from the Navy and went into bodybuilding full-time. Fortunately, Sally earned thousands of dollars, and eventually, Ray quit the marines and joined her. After he began his bodybuilder career, Ray started using steroids, which was when their marriage began to fall apart.

Sally revealed that her late husband would always hit her, and she was at a disadvantage because he weighed more than her. On one occasion, Sally said Ray broke her ribs and punctured her lungs, which almost ended her career. In addition to Ray's abusive ways, he had multiple affairs. However, Sally decided to remain with her husband despite all of this.

What Happened On That Fateful Day?

On February 14, 1995, Ray returned late to his and Sally's home in Oceanside, California at about past 10 pm. Then, he proceeded to the kitchen stove to cook chicken, which was when the confrontation began. Furious, Sally asked her husband where he had been the whole day. Unfortunately, the confrontation got more serious, leading to Ray choking Sally.

Thankfully, she escaped his grip, after which she went to a closet, pulled out a gun, returned to the kitchen, and shot Ray twice. She shot him once in the abdomen and the second time in the jaw, leading to his death two hours later. Sally was eventually arrested on February 15 after she called 911.

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Sally's Jail Sentence

Following her arrest, Sally was charged with murder. Over a year later, on March 19, 1996, she was convicted of second-degree murder. The former bodybuilder was then sentenced to 19 years in prison. Overall, Sally believes she received an unfair judgment. According to her, she was a victim of physical abuse, and the multiple injuries she sustained were never mentioned.

Where Is Sally Now?

After doing time in jail, Sally was finally released on parole in 2020. Following her release, she resided in Veterans Transition Center California and started working at a warehouse. In addition, Sally is a grandmother and a wife for the third time to Norfleet Stewart.

Killer Sally is a must-watch for those who want to know the dynamics of Sally's relationship with Ray and the events leading to her killing him. The series promises to be revelatory and thrilling.


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