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Drama Ensues After Man Asks His Friend To Move His Wedding Photo Because It Made His Wife Uncomfortable

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Nov. 2 2022, Published 10:38 a.m. ET

Doing favors for friends can strengthen your bond and relationship with them. But, if they ask for too much from you, things can take a wrong turn. Would you be willing to bend over backward to help out a good friend?

One friendship was put to the test when they shared a roof and strange demands were made. User Throw55257765 shared his dilemma on Reddit, causing some backlash from the community. The 32-year-old male and his wife, Dahlia, moved in with his friend, Anthony, because they lost their apartment. Issues started to arise when his wife, who grew up in a conservative home, began making demanding requests.

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One of her demands was to have a kissing picture of Anthony and his wife moved so she doesn't have to see it. The homeowner took offense to this request and arguments ensued. The Redditor shared his experience on the platform and asked other users:

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AITA for asking my friend to move a picture of him and his wife because it made my wife uncomfortable?

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His Conservative Wife Wasn't Comfortable Being Around His Friend

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Source: reddit | Throw55257765
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She Wanted To Have A Picture Removed Because She Couldn't Bear Seeing Kissing Photos

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Source: reddit | Throw55257765

He Wants His Friend To Go The Extra Mile To Make Their Stay Pleasant

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Source: reddit | Throw55257765
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House Guest Etiquette

The Redditor shared in his post that his friend of 10 years feels like a "brother" to him, which is why he was comfortable asking for a favor. He also said that he wanted his friend to say yes to his wife's requests because he would go the extra mile to make guests comfortable if he was in Anthony's place.

While it's understandable for him to have expectations, this might be asking too much if you're a guest in someone's house. According to Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert, there are certain rules one must follow when staying at someone else's place.

"Follow the house rules and let them guide you," she explains to The Washington Post. "Always be respectful of boundaries and house rules. Even if you live with someone at home in another state or city, when you go to their family’s home, it’s the host’s rules."

It's okay to have boundaries but a house guest must always be respectful of the homeowner's boundaries and rules as well.

Redditors Agree That The Original Poster And His Wife Were Being Entitled Jerks To His Friend

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Source: reddit | Throw55257765
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Others Pointed Out That The Wife Seems To Be Causing A Lot Of Drama

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Source: reddit | Throw55257765

This Commenter Said It's Time To Pack Up And Go

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Source: reddit | Throw55257765

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