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Tenant Gets His Landlord Arrested For Auto Theft After His Car Kept Getting Towed For No Reason

Alexandra Lozovschi - Author

Oct. 31 2022, Published 11:16 a.m. ET

We all come across landlord horror stories from time to time and even if they don't happen to us personally, hearing about it can still be indirectly frustrating. But one tenant at a rental townhome gave the internet some much-needed satisfaction after sharing how they dealt with their harassing landlords.

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Recounting the incident on Reddit, dean_of_gcc detailed how they concocted the perfect revenge plan after the new landlords kept having their car unrightfully towed in order to "teach them a lesson." The Redditor did some research and found out they could have them arrested for car theft. In the end, the troublesome pair got served some poetic justice for their hassle. They got fired by the company and ended up in a blue-collar job, the same thing for which they used to look down on their former tenants.

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Landlords Hassle Tenant To 'Teach Them A Lesson'

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Source: reddit | dean_of_gcc
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The Perfect Revenge Plan

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Source: reddit | dean_of_gcc

Poetic Justice

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Source: reddit | dean_of_gcc
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Some People Questioned The Satisfying Epilogue

Redditors unanimously sided with the OP but people still had questions. Some wanted to know more about the legal aspects, while others found the satisfying epilogue a little too good to be true. Dean_of_gcc provided plenty of explanations in the comments: "It was stated in court when the guys were sentenced. They argued for a lesser sentence because they couldn't get jobs anymore except for construction and because they had all these bills."

Another thing that people couldn't quite grasp was what possessed the landlords to behave that way in the first place. The Redditor shared their take in the comments, as well as in an interview with Bored Panda. "I think they were just mad that I complained about them to their bosses," they told the publication.

The OP also specified that they didn't want to sue the two brothers since they got refunded and didn't have any damages other than the lost time.

Some Redditors also pointed out that the tow company was also at fault and illegally towed the OP's car. However, dean_of_gcc clarified that, according to state laws, the tow company did nothing wrong and it was, in fact, the landlords who were "on the hook" for having called the company to remove the car from their property as the owner's reps.

While the post was shared just 10 days ago, it seems the whole thing went down some years back. In fact, after getting some well-deserved satisfaction, it seems the OP moved out of the rental townhome a couple of years later and eventually bought their own place. According to Bored Panda, dean_of_gcc is currently enjoying life with “no further landlords.” Talk about a happy ending!

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The Incident Sparked Confusion On Reddit

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Landlords Got A Total Of 10 GTA Charges

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Reddit Praises 'Elegant' Solution

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