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TikToker Goes Viral For Claiming That Pizza Hut Doesn't Wash Their Dirty Pans

Ashabi Azeez - Author

Oct. 27 2022, Published 11:56 a.m. ET

A Pizza Hut employee has gone viral on TikTok after he took to TikTok to expose the food franchise for its alleged unhygienic practices. In a now-viral video, the TikTok user claimed in a now-viral video that Pizza Hut does not wash their dirty pans.

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Worker Exposes Pizza Hut's Unsanitary Practices

TikTok user @joshuadownthestreet, a Pizza Hut employee, sparked up debate on the platform after he exposed the restaurant's alleged unsanitary practices. In a viral video with over 940,000 views, the Pizza Hut worker alleged that the business does not wash their dirty pans, instead they wipe them with a used rag.

On October 17, the worker shared a video of themselves wiping dirty pans, with a text overlay that reads: “Pizza Hut doesn’t wash their Thin Pizza pans. They are wiped down with a used rag instead. If wet, they don’t dry.” In the caption, they wrote: “you didn't hear it from me folks.”

TikTok Video Sparks Debate

The video has sparked a lot of debate on TikTok, with many users taking to the comments section to share their opinions and experiences. Some commenters, who claimed to also be Pizza Hut workers, argued that their stores properly clean their pans. “I work at a Pizza Hut for 16 years and we always wash ours,” one commenter wrote. “Not my pizza hut, my pizza hut be cleaning even the ceiling tiles,” another said.

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TikTok Users Share Their Opinions

Other TikTok users, however, stood in favor of the practice, claiming that it was not an issue. “No pizza place [washes their pans] and it don’t matter,” one user claimed. Several TikTokers took the stance that washing a pizza pan might actually ruin it, adding that the technique “seasons” the pans. “I’ve worked at 3 separate pizza places and this is just how it works. It seasons the pans so they’re always nonstick and if u wash it can ruin it,” one viewer claimed. “Adds flavor and the degree they cook pizza kills everything anyway,” another added.

Pizza Hut Worker Shares A Follow-Up Video

The Pizza Hut worker later shared a follow-up video on TikTok, showing other parts of the restaurant that are unclean. “Just because a restaurant has a 100% does not mean it’s clean. My GM doesn’t prioritize cleaning, and everyone’s quitting. I’m going to quit too,” an overlay text that reads.

The employee also added a caption on the video, bemoaning their wage as well as their work environment. “Minimum wage is NOT worth this. every other job I have held has been in a CLEAN workspace. this environment is disgusting and I won’t be the only one to make it spotless unless I get paid more than my $8ph,” the caption reads.


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