All Is Well In Lindsay and Samantha’s World, Says a Pal

Lindsay Lohan has been a bit wild lately, and to top it off, she was facing rumors that her relationship was on the rocks this week. The New York Post reported earlier that the girls are going into couples therapy and that “‘They fight every day, screaming, crying and yelling at each other.’” Lindsay was a drama magnet and Sam couldn’t take it anymore, which sounded plausible until OK! revealed a friend’s take on the deal.

OK! reported yesterday that Linds and Sam are planning on hanging out with Samantha’s family for an extended holiday break, and things are going well. In fact, one of their friends supposedly said that As long as everyone’s together, it doesn’t matter where they go.” Hmmm, who to believe?

Furthermore, what will happen when they come back from vaca? Faux paradise only lasts so long.