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'Only Smart People Can Work Here': HR Makes Employees Take A Skill Test, Then It Completely Backfires When HR Scores The Lowest

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Oct. 3 2022, Published 10:47 a.m. ET

Training personnel is a major investment for businesses and companies in terms of resources, time, and labor. The desire for a strong return on their investment is therefore entirely understandable. However, sometimes employees feel insecure and less appreciated when their companies decide to test their competence. This is because these employees believe that competence should not be measured by a checklist of their strengths and weaknesses.

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A Reddit user, @RevolutionFriendly56, recently shared one such situation. The user who works in a small company revealed that their HR implemented a new test for screening new staff. The test was to score candidates on their skills in mathematics, language, logic, and industry questions. According to the user, the screening test was to identify those who present well on paper but cannot do the most basic stuff.

Although the user had no issue with the company's motive initially, it became a problem when they realized that HR would make old staff who had been there for years take the test too. This was to eliminate a few of the core staff who were not so good with computers. They all tried to avoid the test but were forced to eventually take it when HR made the CEO threaten their bonuses.

At the end of the test, the user revealed that they all scored 9/10 in all the categories, with help from some bright staff. However, the workers also forced HR to take the same test. Eventually, HR scored 5/10 in mathematics and 4/10 in logic. The Redditor ended the story by asking, "Guess who should be on the chopping block?"

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A Skills Test For All Employees

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Workers Forced To Do The Test

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HR Flops The Test

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A True Test Of Workplace Competence

is more than just a collection of qualities. However, a person's perspective on work is also vital; competent workers have a specific understanding of what their work entails and why tasks are performed in a particular way. Unfortunately, frontline managers find the hiring process challenging and frequently discredit HR-inspired training programs because they know that a person's competency cannot be reduced to a checklist of abilities.

Hence, from the Redditor's story, a better way the HR should have tested the staff's competence was through their understanding of their job roles rather than their knowledge of mathematics and logic.

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Redditors React By Sharing Their Experiences

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Computer Literacy Should Be Standard Practice

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The HR Is Safe

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Companies need to reorient their recruitment and training strategies away from faulty attribute checklists and toward identifying and, if necessary, modifying people's perceptions of job requirements. From the Redditor's story, testing the strength and weaknesses of employees based on their performance in subjects like mathematics and logic is faulty. Hopefully, with the outcome of their scores, HR will realize the need to modify its competency criteria.


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