Nintendo Wii 2 Rumored For E3 Launch, Cool New Features Expected

E3 will hit Los Angeles starting on June 7 and it looks like the folks at Nintendo may be ready to show off the Nintendo Wii 2 gaming console.

The team at have tried to show a bit of proof that the system is nearing completion, quoting CEO Satoru Iwata during a Japanese investor Q&A session last year in which he stated:

“We are of course studying and developing the next console to Wii. However, there is a big difference between studying a product and announcing what it is and when we will release it.”

If rumored specs are to be believed, the system will offer Blu-ray capabilities (this one is easy to swallow), while also featuring a much faster quad-core processor (hopefully for better graphics), alongside some weird options including a build in projection unit so the gaming system will not require a TV, but simply a clean (presumably white or off-white) backdrop.

As Pocket-Link points out, the cost of an LED lamp for high-end graphics would push the cost of the unit up quite a bit and Nintendo with the original Wii system has always touted the low cost of ownership for their system, so it will be interesting to see if they find a way to push down that cost of LED lamp technology or if that rumor is nothing more than that, a rumor.

What do you think about the rumored specs for the Nintendo Wii 2 and more important, what would you like to see the system feature?