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Electrician Ensures Inspection Fails After Dishonest Developer Asks Him To Hide Flaws From Inspector

Chisom Ndianefo - Author

Sep. 24 2022, Published 8:06 p.m. ET

Remote jobs and independent working grew during the pandemic and are here to stay. Thanks to freelance work, individuals can dictate their working hours and remove themselves from uncomfortable situations as Big-Heck-Nah did. Sometimes we're left with no choice but to take matters into our hands, and that's what exactly happened to this Electrician, Big-Heck-Nah, on Reddit.

He shared a story about a customer who wanted him to compromise his integrity on an inspection.

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Bad First Impression

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Source: reddit | Big-Heck-Nah

A new customer invited the Redditor to inspect one of the homes he flipped in a low-income community. On getting there, the customer's delay put the Redditor on edge. As an electrician, he (big-heck-nah) was to assess the house for an electrical rewiring job and give him (the customer) an estimated bill.

Being a professional, he proceeded with the meeting to discuss the facts of the job, but his customer got sidelined by the rundown apartment he was managing. A rainstorm caused the rundown house to leak and soak the damaged, weak links from the floorboards to the pillars.

Mr. Short-Temper Scares Off The Electrician

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Source: reddit | Big-Heck-Nah

The customer gets upset at his associates over the state of the house and completely forgets the electrician waiting for a minute. Instead, he called them (his brother and business partner) to dish an earful of expletives and admonishments.

The electrician, still on the sidelines, listens to the exchange in mortification and decides he doesn't want to work with a short-tempered person. So, when he eventually hung up to speak with the Redditor, the latter billed him very high to discourage patronage (it's a thing.)

Mr. Short-Temper and the Electrician parted ways for months until the latter received a call again asking for his services. This time, he was to stand in as an electrician and issue a valid receipt to Mr. Short-Temper.

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Ethics Always Pays

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Source: reddit | Big-Heck-Nah

The Electrician inspected the building with the Inspector and agreed with all his reservations. Of course, the Inspector was shocked because no electrician pans their job in front of another person, much less an inspector. Finally, the Redditor confessed he wasn't the one who did the wiring hence his odd response to all the comments.

He got paid regardless because the Inspector and customer hired him to fix the violations they pointed out during the tour, and he gained a good working relationship with the Inspector.

Do Your Due Diligence As A Buyer

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Source: reddit | Big-Heck-Nah

This Reddit post draws attention to the problem of buying flipped houses. House flippers are often Profit-driven, as Storeys says, so it's hard to trust the building you're buying from them. Rushed renovations like the one the customer asked for aren't uncommon, so it's best to do your due diligence. The dominant comment from most Redditers complimented his ethics and integrity, although some called out his subsequent friendship with the inspector.


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