The End Of An Era: This Popular Netflix Original Series Is Leaving The Platform

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Never thought the day would come when a Netflix original series would leave the platform, but it's here. The company listed Hemlock Grove's exit as one of its major changes going forward. The horror-fantasy series adapted from Brian McGreevy's novel (also Hemlock Grove) was Netflix's own Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Sadly, the grove is leaving Netflix this October (22) with only three seasons.

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All About 'Hemlock Grove'

Hemlock Grove originally premiered in 2013 but got on Netflix in 2015. It tells the story of residents in the fictional Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, and how they survive supernatural occurrences due to living with evil beings hiding in plain sight. The murder of a young girl in the pilot episode starts things off as the wealthy Godfrey family's heir, Roman, and newcomer Peter Rumanc, take on the investigation into her death. They discover the evils existing in their unassuming small town.

Should You Watch 'Hemlock Grove?'

Although Hemlock Grove earned a Primetime Emmy Nomination for original online-only streaming television, it received mixed reviews from critics, with more leaning towards negative. Many "Should I watch it reviews" would tell you a flat-out no because it's rife with horror-flick tropes, but if you don't mind a few cringe-worthy dialogues, there's no reason not to say farewell and watch the series before it leaves Netflix forever.

Star-Making Quality

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As is typical with many supernatural horror flicks, critics' opinions hold little weight, and the series earned a cult following online in 2013! There wasn't much social media presence except for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which weren't as influential as today.

Also, Hemlock Grove boasts of good actors, including Famke Janssen and Skarsgård family member Bill, who played the lead, Roman Godfrey. The movie kickstarted Skarsgård's career as he landed the role of Pennywise in 2017 and 2019 for its sequel.

Restructuring Netflix's Programs

Hemlock Grove isn't the first Netflix series leaving the platform, although it's the only original creation. 1989 series Saved by the Bell is also leaving for different reasons: broadcasting companies are now offering streaming services.

So, many of these networks are recalling their movies and series from competing streaming platforms to encourage fans' subscriptions to their services. That's why it's shocking that Netflix axed its original production. Perhaps it's all part of Netflix's plan to restructure its company and survive in the expanding streaming climate.