Rare Photo Shows 6’2 ft Tall Maria Sharapova Dwarfing Simone Biles

Close up of Simone Biles
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Simone Biles is a giant in the Gymnastics world even though she's only 4'8" in real life. Her height has never been a problem as she knows how to style her body and make herself stand out in a crowd.

However, her interaction with Maria Sharapova left fans in awe of their differences in height and personality. The champion sportswomen met at New York Fashion Week for Vera Wang's show six years ago, and a rare photo of them from the event has resurfaced and is making the rounds on social media.

Two Sports Giants In New York

While both women looked beautiful in their black outfits, with Biles wearing a minidress and Sharapova choosing a jumpsuit, whether sitting or standing, Sharapova towered over her counterpart, causing a conversation amongst fans.

Speaking to Vogue outside the show, Biles opened up about the event being her debut foray into the fashion world. She spoke about buying clothes from stores because of her height so she can fit them properly. As Sharapova noted, fashion is individual, and both stars have made their styles work since then.

Biles Debut MET Gala

Five years after that fateful night, Biles made her debut at the MET Gala winning the night in her 88-pound three-in-one dress by Area.

Biles' dress had a mesh long-sleeve black catsuit peppered with star crystals worn inside a silver Swarovski crystal sleeveless dress embellished by hand. Underneath the vest with a long train, Biles wore a minidress with fringe crystals on the hem.

She topped the incredibly sparkly outfit with black platform sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti. Opening up about the inspiration for the dress, Biles and Area cited Josephine Baker's era of showgirls.

Sharapova At The MET Gala

That same year, Sharapova attended the MET Gala in a Mustard dress designed by Gabriella Hearst. Her bell sleeves had pleats, while the rest of her dress was a plain A-line design which she accessorized with gold jewelry pieces.

Sharapova and Biles' outfits differed significantly, with the former's gold-themed choice contrasting the latter's all-silver multi-layered outfit. Unlike the Vera Wang show in 2016, we didn't get a picture of the duo together.

Different Styles

In their respective lives, the athletes sometimes play stylists for themselves without external help. Sharapova loved her pleats, as seen on her last week at a Crypto event, and like the MET Gala outfit, she tagged it Chic.

Biles prefers outfits that flatter her figure and show off her legs. We love women who know what they want and go for it!