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The Truth About The Corporate World Gets Exposed By A Viral TikTok


Sep. 18 2022, Published 6:34 p.m. ET

We spend so much time learning about our future careers that whenever we are supposed to get started on the practice, we think we've got everything covered when we have countless surprises on our paths. This struggle is something people in corporate jobs face every day since the beginning of their careers, and they learn how to grow a thicker skin to stand in front of a lot of things they didn't expect.

If you are thinking of getting a job in corporate or are starting on one, you might want to find out what users on TikTok have shared about their experiences in this world. It all started when Jenna (@jennahushka), a content creator for L.I uploaded a video asking people, 'what's something you were not prepared for about the corporate world?'

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This kind of TikTok gets quickly viral, but this trend caught even more attention after another content creator, Shelby Mayfield (@shelbymayfield), gave her opinion on the matter, telling the raw truth about working in the corporate world: your effort and capacitation aren't worth nothing without 'kissing a**.'

Nobody would be mad about getting a promotion, but not all people are willing to let their relationships matter more than their actual performance in their day job. This kind of networking can take some time, but it is the path to follow to have better benefits and improve your career.

The TikTok Continues To Gain Likes And Views

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Thousands Of People Came To Give Their Opinion On The Matter

The Professional Point Of View

After Shelby's statement, many people agreed and started sharing their own similar experiences. Still, some comments stand out from the rest, coming from Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Business School of the University of South Australia, Dr. Ruchi Sinha.

Sinha spoke to the Harvard Business Review and talked about the controversial comment, agreeing that many studies had exposed that people usually don't get promoted unless someone else pleads for them. Sinha referred to this phenomenon as having a 'sponsor' rather than a mentor; she referred, 'a sponsor is someone within your organization who is in a position of power and will support your case for a promotion.'

People in the corporate world are used to this phenomenon, which is usually referred to as having initiative; yet, many people struggle with the fact that they don't get their work recognized, no matter how many achievements they have. But the ones who have them are the people who are constantly in contact with their sponsors and have them advocate for them whenever the opportunity is given.

Dr. Ruchi Sinha added tips for those who want to get promoted, such as documenting your achievements, identifying those tasks that might let your skills stand out, and avoiding self-promotion. She also talked about the stereotypes women constantly face in this type of job, explaining that they are misjudged continuously about their leadership skills and are less prone to get promoted, even though they could have several traits that would benefit the company they work for.

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Most Users In The Comments Agreed With Shelby's Argument

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