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Babysitter Quits After Client Belittles Her For Expecting Pay For Time When Baby Is Asleep

Cha Miñoza - Author

Sep. 16 2022, Published 1:15 p.m. ET

A babysitter shared her unfortunate experience on an AITA subreddit, causing many Redditors to sympathize with her plight.

According to the 22-year-old woman, the dad of the family she works for has made snide comments about her working hours. "He hates that I’m there while the baby is napping,” she wrote on Reddit. The dad has told her "you get expensive if you’re here while the baby is napping" and seems to be implying that she shouldn't get paid for the time when the baby is asleep.

Refuting the dad's claim, the babysitter explained that she doesn't just sit around when the baby is sleeping. "While the baby is napping I clean up after messes, sometimes wash the bottles if he hasnt yet, help the mom with spanish homework, making flashcards, or make the baby food," the woman explained.

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She also added that she has suggested multiple times that he didn't have to pay but the dad would still reluctantly give her the payment. It seemed unfair to be unwilling to pay for babysitting services, especially since the family was well off, explains the sitter. Frustrated about the conflict, the girl ended up storming off before her shift even ended.

Read her original post below.

Babysitter Storms Off Because Of Payment Conflict

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The Author Later Posted An Update On The Thread

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Here's How The Community Reacted

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