Tyga Feat. Justin Bieber ‘Wait For A Minute’ Hits iTunes, Charts At #1 In Sweden [Listen]

Justin Bieber’s collaborative single, a feature on rapper Tyga’s “Wait For A MInute” has been released to iTunes, quickly charting.

Yesterday, the 19-year-old released the third single “Hold Tight” from his “Music Mondays” series, but didn’t forget his double whammy promise. Shortly before midnight, the teen star took to Twitter to hype up fans with Tyga.

“U guys ready for #WaitForAMinute???? #tygatuesday haha,” Bieber teased.

Including the iTunes link, he added, “Here it is. Song #2 this week… #clubsmash (sic).”

Floating online since April, a longer preview of the track leaked just before the September release of Believe tour deejay Tay James’ “WeKnowTheDJ radio Vol. 3” mixtape which features a version of the song.

The R&B-rap hybrid offers Tyga’s dark, deadpan rap and Bieber in seductive mode throughout.

Against a sparse walking bass, finger clicks, mood setting sonics, the heartthrob asks a female to run away with him for romantic pleasures.

In the first verse he sings,

“Well, here you are with me, well if you take my hand babe / we can go to a place you ain’t never seen before, Slowdance in the moonlight / I’m just trying to set the mood right / I’m just doing what a dude do, do it over and over and over/ quickly run around with me now, swiftly just come with me I / footsteps go to the beat now over and over and over.”

After a bridge, a call and answer chorus: “Just wanna wait for a minute, wait for a minute, wait for a minute babe, (sic).”

Speaking to Power 106 on Monday before premiering the official song, Tyga said the record was originally meant for Justin but will now be the lead single for his forthcoming The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty which is slated for Spring 2014.

Explaining their collaboration, the Young Money star said, “That’s the new mature Bieber, so I just felt like it was great to do a record with him at this turning point in his career.”

Tyga added, “Musically it just reminds me of when Timberlake got with Pharrell, when he went from *NSYNC to Justin Timberlake.”

Back on Twitter today, Bieber told fans if both “Hold Tight” and “Wait For A Minute” made the Top Five on iTunes, another teaser from his upcoming movie-documentary Believe would be released this week for “#Film Fridays.”

Joining the online action, the official Twitter account for the movie tweeted,

At press time, “Hold Tight” currently sits at No. #1 in Brazil, Holland, India, Portugal, Norway, Israel, Ukraine, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Denmark and Sweden and is holding at #2 behind Lady Gaga’s new single, “Do What U Want ft. R. Kelly” on iTunes US.

“Wait For A Minute” has topped iTunes in Sweden, holds at #10 in the US and will most likely fluctuate on these and other charts.

'Wait For A Minute' Artwork

Update: “Wait For A Minute” is now No. #1 on iTunes Holland as well as Sweden.