‘RHOA’ Finale: Shereé’s Highly Anticipated Fashion Show Didn’t Come Without The Drama

Sheree Whitfield
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Claudine Baugh

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) season finale was everything and more, as finally, after a 14-year-long wait, She By Shereé debuted a fashion show - ‘with fashion.' The best part was fashion consultant and Sheree Whitfield’s biggest critic, Dwight Eubanks, was sitting front row and center in all his glory to witness the epic runway show. 

Shereé’s Usual Pre-Show Jitters 

As anticipations would finally come to bump in the September 4 season closer, the moments leading up to the eagerly awaited event didn’t come without the customary RHOA drama. Viewers saw an unprepared, panicky Shereé racing against the clock to make last-minute arrangements, with only five garments of the collection’s 25-piece lineup for the show. 

Things took an awkward turn when Shereé’s longtime on-and-off boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams showed up at the venue the day before the event - unexpected and uninvited. Of course, it didn’t take long for Tyrone to stir drama and cause the two to get into a heated fight before everyone. After all, “his thirsty a$$, wanna be on camera” and was craving some much-needed “air time,” as Shereé puts it.

The Drama Continued 

Yet, that was still the least of the unfolding catastrophe as Shereé was still without her fashion show’s pieces. Finally, the scenes would cut to the She By Shereé founder un-bagging a late-night delivery of her collection’s outfits a mere 8 hours before showtime. “I now have a total of 25 looks plus a few extras,” she announced to ease her anxious viewers.

But the saga continued on the day of the event as Shereé and her team struggled to start on time. The 9:30 fashion show was a whole 2 hours late, and the scenes would show an annoyed-looking Dwight mouthing, “This is crazy” …. "I’m ready to go!” while the RHOA ladies all fuss about asking, “where is the fashion?”

She By Shereé Success

At long last, the lights dimmed, and the models finally stepped out to unveil the She By Shereé ‘September-Spring-Summer’ collection to defy all odds. The collection revealed Shereé’s infamous joggers, mesh-embellished ensembles, bodysuits, athletic wear paired with fur-collard jackets, and of course, the icing topper Apolla Nida walking the runway in his red sleeveless look.

With everyone expecting the worst, Shereé’s She By Shereé Atlanta fashion week runway show was a hit, and the RHOA ladies were all pleasantly surprised and very much relieved. 

The Finale’s Closing Stories

The excitement surrounding what looked like Whitfield’s looming disaster of a fashion show trumped everything else the other ladies had going on. Nonetheless, the finale did see Marlo Hampton making amends with her recovering drug-addict mom, Kenya Moore launching her hair collection line in CVS pharmacies across the state, Sanya Richards making a life-and family-altering decision, and Kandi Burgess deliberating who should be the trustee over her trust. 

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