MLB News: Jose Berrios Finding His Groove Is Huge For The Blue Jays

Jose Berrios
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Ernesto Cova

The Toronto Blue Jays didn't have the start of the season they hoped for. They invested big money in the offseason and boasted one of the best rotations in Major League Baseball, at least on paper.

Ironically, their rotation was one of the biggest reasons behind their early-season struggles, with Jose Berrios being one of the most disappointing players in the league. His ERA was the worst of his career, and his command seemed way off.

Now, he finally seems back on track.

Berrios Is Finding Consistency

Jose Berrios
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It's been a frustrating season for Berrios, who signed a big deal and couldn't live up to it. His emotions showed at Fenway Park when he dominated the Red Sox in the sixth and final inning of his last outing:

“I want to keep competing, I want to try to make pitches and to be able to throw six innings and finish the way that I finished — that’s why I gave like a bump to (Kirk),” Berrios told The Athletic.

Blue Jays Need Him

Jose Berrios
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Berrios has now strung some solid efforts together for the first time in the season. His consistency will be tremendous for the Blue Jays' postseason aspirations:

“He’s a huge part of this rotation and a huge part of our success,” pitching coach Pete Walker said. “We’ve won a lot of games with him out there. We know that and we know he’s given us a good effort. Going out there and giving us a quality start, we have a great chance to win and he can do that more times than not. But he is probably the key piece of the rotation moving forward.”

Berrios Keeps Working Hard

Jose Berrios
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Ross Stripling lauded Berrios for putting in a lot of work to make mid-season tweaks. He gave him props for being a good sport and just listening to what the experts had to say about his game:

“It’s hard to implement something or even for a coach to suggest something, especially in the middle of August to a guy who has (900) innings under his belt or whatever, so that’s props to Berríos,” Stripling said.

All He Wants Is To Win

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Kevin Gausman also praised him for always being there to try and help. He's not focused on his numbers or whether he's the star, which is a lot to say for a guy with those expectations over his shoulders:

“I really respect that from a guy that obviously isn’t having the season that he wants or anyone expected,” Gausman said. “If there’s anyone that could be bitter or just kind of like closed off, it could be him, but he hasn’t been that way at all. And, he has a really good presence.”

Berrios is too good not to turn things around, so let's hope he keeps this momentum going for when it matters the most.