MLB News: Cubs Discuss Ian Happ's Future With The Team

Ian Happ
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The Chicago Cubs are far from a World Series contender right now. But as much as they've struggled, they decided to hold on to two of their biggest stars: Willson Contreras and Ian Happ.

That was somewhat shocking, considering both gauged plenty of trade interest around the league. Also, they're projected to make a lot of money on their new contracts, so it made sense for the Cubs to let them go.

They Want Him There

Ian Happ
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Happ will be under club control for another season before hitting free agency. And according to the president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer, they have no intention of letting him walk away then, either:

“Part of our decision-making at the deadline was Ian is a guy who keeps working and keeps getting better as a player,” Hoyer said. “He’s made some real adjustments that have paid off both hitting from the right side and putting the ball in play more. I think he’s played really good defense in left field this year. We’re excited to have him going forward. That’s how we approached the deadline. We’re excited that he’s going to be part of this group moving forward.”

Ross Lauds His Improvement

Ian Happ
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Happ was once considered a streaky hitter. He could go 3 for 3 with a couple of doubles or 1 for 12 in a three-game series. That's why David Ross wants to give him credit for his development this season:

“He was an All-Star, so whatever he’s doing is pretty darn good,” Ross said. “There’s also going into the offseason working on certain aspects of your game and having multiple clubs, so to speak."

Happ Is A More Mature Player Now

Ian Happ
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Happ has made plenty of adjustments over time, but he hasn't lost the aggressiveness that made the Cubs fall in love with him in the first place:

"It’s being able to take your single when you can and also being able to take some risk," Ross added. "That’s something that you mature into. There’s moments in the box — and within the count and within the game — where you want to take a little bit more of a risk. And there are sometimes when you may want to kind of hedge your bets a little bit and play it safe. That’s easy to say from my seat, but the really good players can do that.”

Cubs Will Spend Big Bucks

Ian Happ
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The Cubs signed Seiya Suzuki to an exciting deal last winter, and it's clear they need some glaring needs to address.

But the word around MLB is that they're ready to spend big bucks in the offseason to return to their winning ways. Apparently, they'll try to do so with Ian Happ leading the way, at least for another season.