Kaia Gerber Stuns In Bikini Featuring Cutouts

Kaia Gerber
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Triston Brewer

When you have a famous supermodel mom like Cindy Crawford, it would be a sin not to head in that direction too! Her businessman dad Rande Gerber was also a model in his heyday. Kaia Gerber is the spitting image of her gorgeous mother, and it seems that no one will ever stop speaking about this fact.

The beauty won Model of the Year during the British Fashion Awards; since then, her career has taken off in amazing ways. After this win, Kaia appeared in several ad campaigns for various fashion brands, staking her claim as a serious contender to be one of the elite models of her generation.

Gerber currently has 8.3 million followers on Instagram, which is no small feat and a testament to the intrigue surrounding her still burgeoning career! Gerber has starred in several television shows and movies, including the Ryan Murphy-produced American Horror Story and American Horror Stories.

Kaia Gerber Reclaims The Black Bikini!

Kaia takes the basic black bikini and makes it anything but in this two-piece bikini that features cut-outs for a more singular approach to the beach staple. With sunglasses on to block out the rays and fingers pointed to a gorgeous blue sky, she is taking the world by storm, but first up? Kaia is all about enjoying life with a little rest and relaxation on a beach she seems to have all to herself!

Kaia’s Dating History

Kaia Gerber
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Kais has been busy dating some of young Hollywood’s heartthrobs too, and the press cannot get enough of her relationship history!

Gerber is said to have dated James Elordi since September 2020 after his relationship with actress Zendaya of Euphoria fame crumbled. Before that, the model was dating Pete Davidson, who has also been linked to Kim Kardashian and Kate Beckinsale.

Gerber and Elordi were caught together several times, some holding hands, which the press caught wind of, and it ended up in all the tabloids. Gerber confirmed their status by posting a photo of them as Elvis and Priscilla Presley during the 2020 Halloween celebrations.

Kaia Is Tatted Up!

Kaia Gerber
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Gerber is not just a pretty face but the proverbial beauty with brains, and don’t let her tattoos fool ya! The award-winning model is an avid reader and a math whizz. During the Covid lockdown, she started an Instagram book club for her adoring fans.

The Gerber Workout

Kaia Gerber
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How does Kaia maintain her flawless figure? Luckily for Kaia, she is already blessed with excellent genes and doesn't have to do much! She is also an ectomorph, meaning she is naturally thin and may find it hard to gain muscle. Kaia does not stick to a particular diet but works out to keep her body fit and toned.