Hailey Bieber Shows Off Major Bikini Bod In Preparation For Fall

Close up of Hailey Bieber smiling
Wikimedia | RevengerTime


Hailey Bieber has a lot of good things going on for her with the launch of her skincare line, Rhode, and landing a cover on Harper's Bazaar's Next Icons. Last month, she debuted a new style for her Sorbet Magazine cover feature as she prepared for Fall.

Bieber has cemented her position as a 2020s style icon with her influential street fashion inspiring over 46 million Instagram followers.

Debuting Her New Fall Look

The model chose a nude ruched bikini with criss-cross straps and a matching string bottom for her cover. Her usually straightened dark blonde hair took on a new look as she debuted a new shiny, bouncy curl.

The beach curl framed Bieber's structured face effortlessly and complimented her bold red nail polish. She also heavily accessorized the look with rings, bracelets, and waist chains. Everything about the cover screamed bold and outspoken, and it's little wonder Bazaar named her one of the emerging icons of the new generation.

The Next Generation Icon

Bieber wore an all-black outfit for her Bazaar cover and straightened her hair again. However, she stuck to her effortless street style with a pantsuit and cropped bra top revealing her toned abs. During her interview, she spoke about trying new things and becoming a culture shifter despite challenges.

The model also admitted to being a "routine person," yet she thinks of life as ever-changing, so she's ready to adapt anytime.

For Better Or Worse With Justin

Speaking of ever-changing life, the model and her popstar husband, Justin Bieber, experienced severe health scares in the year's first half. She suffered a stroke-like symptom due to a blood clot and underwent surgery shortly before Justin's Ramsay Hunt diagnosis.

Hailey then told Bazaar that she figures it out as she goes and is committed to her vows, "For better For Worse."

Since then, the couple has recovered and returned to their happy-go-lucky lives, as seen in the pictures above.

Launching rhode To Commercial Success

Her new business Rhode also launched with commercial success, and she's had to restock the product since its release. Fans commented on her glowing skin, and she confessed to using her product. The model also shared short clips and tips on usage.

She wrote,

"I’ve been using my Rhode recently: been putting a layer of glaze over my foundation to really get that skin like finish… and I’ve been combining my peptide lip treatment with my favorite lip liners."