Teyana Taylor Talks About 'Dating On Your Terms'

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Teyana Taylor-Shumpert continues her farewell tour after taking a short break and fans can't get enough of the singer. She played her first solo show last week in Phoenix, Arizona, and it was emotional according to her Instagram update. Taylor wrote a short message expressing her gratitude to family and friends for showing up and supporting her behind the scenes.

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A Family Affair

Apart from her music tour, the model also put her business hat on and launched a new clothing collection in her daughter Junie's name last month. The new collection, Junubeez Clothing, is filled with neutral-toned and blue outfits suitable for all ages and genders and is available on Thmbl.

Taylor recruited Junie and her husband, Iman Shumpert, as models for the collection, as seen in the post above. She also released a new collection with Fast Fashion Brand Pretty Little Thing.

Talking With Lori Harvey On Bumble

This month, Taylor launched her new web series, Luv To See It, under Bumble's YouTube channel and had Lori Harvey as her first guest. It was the first time Harvey spoke publicly about her relationship life as the model prefers keeping things private.

Taylor wore an all-blue outfit consisting of two-piece pants and shirt combo with a combat vest, face cap, and sneakers. She even painted her acrylics light blue to match.

The Last Rose Petal Tour In California

The singer brought out Junie in California, and it was a moment as the little girl stole the show in her all-red outfit as she danced for the crowd. Of course, Taylor also wore all-red clothing, from bedazzled bodysuits to Nutcracker suits and accessories.

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She wrote,

"The emotions, the genuine love & support was out of this world & I am so grateful. I love you guys so much. Thank you to my headliner @babyjunie & thank you to my very special surprise guests @imanshumpert @therealbrandee @kingcombs @loriharvey I love and appreciate y'all for coming out & making my show even more magical."

Paying Homage To Other Icons

Lil Kim wears all-red in Crush on You music video
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Taylor promised her fans that they were in for a surprise, and she delivered with her unexpected guests and impeccable live performance. For her promotional poster, she cosplayed as Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire but added a hip-hop twist by dressing like Lil' Kim in her iconic Crush on You music video. Taylor never misses a chance to pay homage to her icons.