NBA Rumors: Brandon Ingram Is Off-Limits In Potential Kevin Durant Trade

Kevin Durant
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Ernesto Cova

Kevin Durant has been linked to nearly every team in the NBA over the past couple of weeks. Surprisingly, some even claimed that the New Orleans Pelicans could swoop in and make a big splash.

They have the draft capital, the salary cap space, and the young players to pull a deal off. Needless to say, any offer would start with Brandon Ingram, as Zion Williamson is the only player who should be off-limits for the Pelicans.

Ingram Is Off The Table

Brandon Ingram
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However, Christian Clarke of believes there's just no way the Pelicans trade Ingram right now, not even for KD.

"If Durant gets moved, the New Orleans Pelicans could be players in the sweepstakes, but that would likely require them to surrender Brandon Ingram. League sources say the Pelicans are unwilling to do so," Clarke reported.

He's Younger And Cheaper

Brandon Ingram
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While Durant is one of the greatest players of all time, trading a player who's nearly a decade younger, cheaper, and with untapped potential, such as Ingram, would be a rather questionable move:

"Ingram is nine years younger than Durant, and in terms of annual average value, he costs approximately $15 million less," added Clarke.

What About Zion?

Zion Williamson
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Also, why would they trade Ingram if he's supposed to be the franchise cornerstone alongside Zion Williamson? They looked great together on a limited sample size, and Zion's reportedly ready to be back on the court:

"There is also this: Since Ingram and Zion Williamson were paired in 2019, they have played in 81 games together. Fifty-nine of those games came during the 2020-21 season, which was former coach Stan Van Gundy’s ill-fated stint in charge," Clark explained. "Ingram and Williamson are cornerstone pieces." The Pelicans want to see how they jell. Training camp is six weeks away. It is possible the Pelicans’ roster changes before then. But don’t expect any earth-shattering moves."

There's No Traction On A Deal

Kevin Durant
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Recently, ESPN's Brian Windhorst revealed that there's no sense of urgency to trade for Durant right now.

Rival executives expect his price to drop by the day, as he's already burned all bridges back to Brooklyn, and no one's willing to meet the Nets' asking price for the four years remaining on his contract.

Simply put, no GM is willing to bet against himself and engage in a bidding war for a player no one's actively trying to trade their entire core for. So, as great as a player he is, it could be months before we see any real traction on a Kevin Durant deal.

Then, and only then, maybe the Pelicans will swoop in.