NBA News: Ben Simmons Will Get Some Of His Forfeteid Money Back

Ben Simmons
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Ernesto Cova

After months of back-and-forth and confrontation, Ben Simmons finally has nothing to do with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The former overall pick was engaged in a legal dispute with the team that drafted him. Now, they've reached a settlement for the withheld salary for the 2020-21 NBA season prior to his trade to the Brooklyn Nets.

The Amount Was Undisclosed

Ben Simmons
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The Sixers withheld his salary for every game he missed, so Simmons' camp filed a grievance to recoup the money:

"Both sides agreed to confidentiality on the exact financial settlement reached," wrote ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. "Simmons and the National Basketball Players Association filed the grievance in April after the discussions between Simmons' representatives at Klutch Sports and the 76ers didn't result in a settlement, sources said. The sides entered into an arbitration process but reached a settlement agreement prior to a judgment."

Sixers Didn't Buy Simmons' Story

Ben Simmons
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Simmons' situation was unprecedented. He claimed he wasn't mentally fit to play and held out after he was traded. However, the Sixers didn't believe his side of the story and cited he was in breach of his contract:

"Simmons arrived in Philadelphia near the end of preseason but cited his mental health as the reason his participation in team activities was so limited," Woj added. "The 76ers and Simmons disagreed over the degrees of access that the team and its doctors were allotted to Simmons to diagnose and affirm his mental health, sources said."

His Back Is A Concern

Ben Simmons
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Simmons was reportedly ready to make his Nets debut in a potential elimination game before citing discomfort on his back and backing down from the contest. He's been dealing with back issues for the past couple of years:

"The back injury first affected Simmons during the spring of the pandemic-interrupted 2020 season," Woj added. "He also reported discomfort in his back upon reporting to Sixers training camp in October. The injury was assessed and treated by Philadelphia's team doctors, and he was cleared to resume basketball activities shortly thereafter. That period was the only time Philadelphia did not find Simmons in breach of his contract last season."

What's Next For Simmons?

Ben Simmons
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The Nets will need Simmons to be back to full strength and ready to take a leap forward, especially when Kevin Durant leaves town.

There's still no word on whether they'll trade Kyrie Irving or not. But whatever the case, the front office will need him to be their franchise player for the future, so he better be ready to live up to the expectations once and for all.