NBA News: Rival Executives Don't Want To 'Gut Their Teams' For Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant
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Ernesto Cova

The Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant don't want anything to do with each other. But that doesn't mean that they're just going to find him a new home and be done with it.

Durant still has four years left on his contract and is one of the greatest players to ever do it. That means that, regardless of his age or desire to leave, whoever wants him will have to pay up to acquire his services.

You Can't Jeopardize Everything

Kevin Durant
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Nonetheless, as great as he is, most league executives are hesitant to trade for him. It's not like he's not a superstar, but trading for him will require putting everything on the line for the Nets to at least consider an offer:

"We may not have the greatest era of super teams ever, but we've got some really good teams. You can make a case for four or five different teams winning, and so if you're going to build a championship team around Kevin Durant, you cannot completely gut your team to get there," ESPN's Brian Windhorst said.

No One's Willing To Meet Their Price

Kevin Durant
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Unsurprisingly, no team has been willing to meet the Nets' asking price of multiple draft picks and star players. It's just not worthy for a player in his 30s who's struggled with injuries lately:

"And to this point, the Nets haven't just wanted draft picks, they've wanted star players, and teams just aren't willing to pay that price," Windhorst added. "And there's nuance buried in here, and I know that some fans understand it and maybe some fans don't. They think it's some sort of insult to Durant."

K.D. Needs Good Teammates

Kevin Durant
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Also, history has proven that no player can win on their own, not even K.D. So, why give up everything just to fail to surround him with the talent he needs:

"It's not an insult to say that you're not going to gut your team for Durant. In some ways it's a compliment. It's saying, 'We think we can win a championship with you, so we have to have a championship team on the other side of the trade,'" Windhorst concluded.

This Could Take Some Time

Kevin Durant
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So, with that in mind, these talks could drag all the way into the season.

Durant reportedly has no intention of suiting up for the Nets ever again, but he shut down the rumors of retirement. Maybe, he'll just hold out until things get settled.

At the end of the day, someone will have to meet them in the middle, or the Nets will just have to realize that there's nothing they can do but let him go.