Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Bikini Body While Getting Her Hair Done

Actress Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston has left her mark on Hollywood since she made her acting debut in the early 1990s. The blonde beauty has been on television with many renowned actors and received innumerable accolades. Jennifer has also made a name for herself by the frequent display of her incredible sense of style as she always flashes her youthfully toned body and glossy and healthy natural hair. 

In addition to her talent, incredible figure, and youthful look, Jennifer also possesses lovely blonde hair, which she flaunts anytime she makes a television appearance, during events, or on social media. It takes incredible work for the actress to pull off her envious look and her hair stylist, Chris McMillan, recently detailed a part of one of the processes. 

A few days ago, Chris made a lovely throwback photo of Jennifer dressed in a tiny bikini bra while showcasing her full blonde hair.

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Jennifer Flaunts Her Cleavage

In the throwback photos uploaded on Chris' Instagram feed, Jennifer was seen wearing a bikini bralette that displayed her cleavage. In addition, she wore a long necklace that sat pretty on her cleavage. The photo also captured Chris' hands holding a blow dryer as he styled the actress' hair. 

Jennifer kept a smiling face in the first image. However, in the second snap, she made a funny face with her hands, holding up some strands of her hair. 

The throwback was from late last year when Chris was getting Jennifer set for a photoshoot.

Steps To Styling Jennifer's Hair

Jennifer Aniston flaunts her blonde hair
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Chris wrote a lengthy caption explaining how he achieved a full but straight style with Jennifer's hair. 

"Throwing it back. Love a good blowout. Full but straight. To achieve this look I take 1 ½ sections starting at the nape and blow out from towel dried fleshy shampooed hair and towel dried, usually no products in the hair so the blowout lasts (rewetting the hair if needed with a water bottle)."

He continued by tagging the vendor he got the hairbrush he used for the styling, "The large @ibizahairtools brush always delivers."

"Keep it simple, over direct and the key is to really lift and dry the roots," he concluded.

Praises For The Duo 

Jennifer Aniston looks stunning in black
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The comment section was full of comments from fans praising both the stylist and the Friends star for always creating magic whenever they work together. Fans of Jennifer also admired her gorgeous hair. 

"This shoot is really perfect! Jen was STUNNING! And about her hair, always flawless! She is the moment, and you guys make a wonderful team, " one fan wrote. 

Another fan added, "You and the whole team did such a beautiful and amazing job! This shoot is absolutely perfect and Jen's beauty? Needless to say!"

"The best duo of all time!" commented another fan. 

Professional Photos

Jennifer posted a more professional photo from the shoot on her Instagram page on December 8, 2021. Again, she donned the same white bikini bralette and white pants. This time, she accessorized the look with a matching hat. As she posed, Jennifer lay on a sofa and displayed her beautifully styled hair.

Jennifer is a real stunner as she always stuns in stylish ensembles while flaunting her tresses. Her numerous fans and admirers surely can't get enough of her.