MLB News: Rangers Players React To Chris Woodward's Firing

Texas Rangers
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Ernesto Cova

The Texas Rangers made a somewhat surprising decision. They parted ways with manager Chris Woodward this deep into the season, even though they still have a shot at making the playoffs.

Rangers players often raved about Woodward and how much they believed in him, but they were far from a contending team despite spending a lot of money in the offseason.

They Didn't Have A Say

Nathaniel Lowe
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Even the players were shocked by the timing of this decision. However, first baseman Nathaniel Lowe claims that the players will stand with the front office and do whatever it takes to win:

“Personally, I was a little surprised with the timing,” said Lowe. “There’s a lot of baseball left in this season, and this team has a lot of fight left in it. But it’s not up to us. We’re the employees and the brass thought that this was a change that was necessary.”

They Want To Win

Nathaniel Lowe
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As odd of a change as it was, Lowe claims that winning is all that matters. So, if new manager Tony Beasley is the guy that can lead them to the top, then so be it:

“I think winning is fun, so I think whatever it takes for us to go out there and win is definitely going to help ... you know, it’s up to us to compete, regardless of who’s in charge,” Lowe said.

Seager Will Miss Him

Corey Seager
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Woodward played a key role in getting Corey Seager to Texas. They had a close relationship since their days with the Dodgers, so watching him go was a big blow for the star SS:

“Obviously, he was a really important person in my career and in my life,” Seager said. “He was around me at a really pivotal point in my career and I don't have anything bad to say about Woody. [I have the] utmost respect for him, and it's one of the things where I just wish we could have played a little better and maybe the outcome would be different.”

It'll Be A Smooth Transition

Marcus Semien
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Marcus Semien lauded Beasley and claimed he was the right guy for the job, stating that he'll do whatever it takes to win and get better.

“He's going to be the same person, you know?” Semien said. “Yes, he has a new title, and there's some different responsibilities that he will have, but in terms of his attitude, and his willingness to do whatever he can for us, I'm excited for him. I told him immediately that I was very happy for him. I know it's kind of a weird day for him, bittersweet, but this is something that he's built to do."

The Rangers clearly want to compete, which is more than we can say about most struggling teams right now. So, will Beasley be the right guy for the job? Only time will tell.