Red Sox Could Lose Rafael Devers And Xander Bogaerts, Claims Buster Olney

Xander Bogaerts
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The Boston Red Sox were expected to be sellers at the MLB trade deadline. They had some appealing trade chips like J.D. Martinez and Nathan Eovaldi, yet they held on to some of their stars and did a couple of minor moves to add more talent.

However, no one knew for sure what they were up to with their deadline moves. They didn't get a lot worse, but they didn't get better, either. So, what are they doing? What's their plan for the future?

The Front Office Trust Bloom

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But despite the backlash and criticism, ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the Red Sox continue to show nothing but support for Chaim Bloom's decisions, as controversial as they may seem from time to time.

"The ownership that has supported four championships in the past two decades wants Chaim Bloom, the team's head of baseball operations, to do what he can to construct a roster that can consistently contend for a championship, considering the front office sturdily resourced to do so," wrote Olney.

Bogaerts And Devers Could Walk Away

Xander Bogaerts
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Bloom's gambles haven't paid off thus far. And with the team struggling so mightily, he risks losing both Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers in the offseason:

"But the team that traded away Mookie Betts for a package of young players -- none of whom turned out to be difference-makers -- is in jeopardy of losing two more of their homegrown stars in the next 15 months," Olney continued. "Bogaerts can opt out of his contract after this season, and might well become a free agent. Rafael Devers, the team's best offensive player, does not have a long-term contract and could be a free agent after next season."

The Offseason Will Be Key

Rafael Devers
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Moreover, even if they manage to keep one or the other, they still have plenty of holes to fill in free agency, mostly with the players they decided to hold on to past the deadline:

"Beyond Bogaerts, beyond Devers, the Red Sox also will look to fill multiple spots in their rotation, and in their everyday lineup," added Olney. "Nathan Eovaldi and Rich Hill will be eligible for free agency, as will designated hitter J.D. Martinez, catcher Kevin Plawecki and outfielder Enrique Hernandez."

No One Knows What's Going On

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There are more questions than answers right now. As Olney points out, John Henry has never hesitated to pull the plug and start over. He did it with Grady Little, Theo Epstein, Ben Cherington, And Dave Dombrowski:

"Maybe Bloom will remain cemented in his stewardship of the roster and payroll choices; maybe not, if the past tendencies of the team's owners manifests again. The fog of uncertainty around the franchise will remain until the Red Sox start to win big again," Olney concluded.

So, will their undisputed support of Bloom will continue? And if so, for how long?