Ian Rapoport Addresses The Jimmy Garoppolo To Cleveland Rumors On The Pat McAfee Show

Jimmy Garoppolo
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We're this deep into the NFL offseason and there's still no word on Jimmy Garoppolo's future.

The San Francisco 49ers moved on to Trey Lance and Jimmy G's fall from grace has been one of the stories of the summer, as there's been little-to-no interest in his services despite multiple teams having a glaring need for a starting QB.

Browns Don't Want Him

Jimmy Garoppolo
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Jimmy G was tied with a trade to the Cleveland Browns upon Deshaun Watson's suspension and appeal. However, NFL insider Ian Rapoport just doesn't see that happening:

“I just don’t get the sense that the Browns are that interested. I just don’t. I mean, they signed Jacoby Brissett for a reason,” Rapoport said on The Pat McAfee Show. “If they trade for Jimmy G, it’s 20-plus more million dollars. I’ve checked with everyone. Maybe something will surprise me. I just do not get the sense that there’s that much interest in him.”

He Was Never On Their Radar

Jimmy Garoppolo
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That's on the same page with what Cleveland.com's Mary Kay Cabot reported several weeks ago. Per the report, the Browns never seriously considered Garoppolo, and would only make a run at him if Watson were to miss an extended period of time:

“That kind of took on a life of its own. It took on more weight and meaning than I meant to give it,” Cabot explained. “Jimmy Garoppolo has not been on their front burner all season long. They were not interested in him seriously as an upgrade over Baker Mayfield. In the event Deshaun is out for a very lengthy period of time, I’m sure they’ll have a conversation about Jimmy, but it doesn’t mean they’re picking up the phone and trading for him right away. There are a lot of hurdles that would have to be crossed. It’s not front-burner, it’s something you have a talk about.”

They're All In On Brissett

 Jacoby Brissett
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The Browns knew that Watson could be suspended, and they seemed comfortable with that idea. They brought in Jacoby Brissett and have given him first-team reps to get him ready for the start of the season, per Jim Donovan of WKYC:

"There was a noticeable difference for those who have been wondering when the Browns would start to get (quarterback) Jacoby Brissett ready to play. That definitely hit full steam ahead today." Donovan wrote. "No doubt about it, Brissett was the number one quarterback in practice getting a lot of reps with the number one offense. So you could see a shift in attention from Deshaun Watson to Jacoby Brissett."

What's Next For Jimmy G?

Jimmy Garoppolo
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A trade seems less likely at this point in the offseason. Barring a major injury, there's no way any team will absorb Garoppolo's $20+ million right now.

So, the likeliest scenario seems like being released. Once he becomes a free agent, teams like the Seattle Seahawks or Houston Texans could look to make a run at him at a discount.