Eli Manning Reveals Hilarious Motivation To Get Into A Broadcasting Career

Eli Manning
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Ernesto Cova

Peyton and Eli Manning were already football royalty. But their latest venture has taken them a step further when it comes to the ultimate NFL brothers, as the ManningCast was a massive game changer for Monday Night Football.

Notably, it wasn't the love for the game or even the money that got Eli to jump on board with the idea, but something more peculiar.

Eli Wanted To Make Fun Of Peyton

Eli Manning
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Per the 41-year-old, what was more appealing about the idea of teaming up with his older brother was having the chance to make fun of him on national television:

“I could sit on my couch, watch Football games with my brother, and just make fun of him…that was appealing to me,” the former Giants QB said.

They Wanted To Change The Game

Peyton Manning
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That's right on point with what Peyton had in mind. The Mannings wanted a laidback broadcast, something that made people feel like they were just hanging out in a bar with friends:

“It is kind of like you are watching the game at a bar and me and Eli show up and watch the game with you,” Manning said in 2021. “[That] is kind of the theme. We are not going to be in a booth. With my forehead and my neck, I couldn’t fit in a booth. I can fit on my couch at home and Eli can be on his couch. But we are going to watch football. It was just too good of an opportunity — to watch football with your brother, to tell stories, to talk a little football, I am looking forward to it. It is going to be a lot of fun.”

Paving The Way

Peyton Manning
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The first season of the ManningCast was such a big success that ESPN tied them up for the long run.

Moreover, they even got Pat McAfee to join Peyton in a College Football broadcast with the same scheme and structure as the ManningCast, setting the standard for the future of sports broadcasting.

Peyton's Not Going Anywhere

Peyton Manning
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Some were worried about Peyton's future with the ManningCast, as he was rumored to join the ownership group that recently bought the Denver Broncos. However, new Broncos CEO Greg Penner shut down those rumors in a rather politically correct way:

“We are just going to learn from both of them. I think it is going to be a really good relationship," Prenner said of Manning and John Elway. "At this point, we don’t have anything to add or share on that. No immediate plans."

That's great news for the fans.