'I Was Shocked': 'RHODubai' Star Sara Al Madani Shades Behavior Of Lesa Milan And Chanel Ayan

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Sara Al Madani is speaking out about the shocking behavior of her Real Housewives of Dubai cast mates, Lesa Milan and Chanel Ayan, and teasing what is to come on the recently-taped season one reunion.

Sara Al Madani Was Close With Lesa Milan And Chanel Ayan When The Debut Season Of 'RHODubai' Began

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During an interview with OK! Magazine earlier this month, Sara Al Madani said that at the start of production on The Real Housewives of Dubai season one, she, Lesa Milan, and Chanel Ayan were on the phone "all the time" and sharing their lives.

Then, she claimed, as the season went on, Milan began causing problems amongst the group.

"Half of the problems that happened within the group was because of Lesa. She always tells me, 'Okay, I'm gonna tell you this, but don't tell anyone I told you.' I honor my words. So if I tell her 'Lisa, I'll never tell anybody,' you'll never see it on the show," Al Madani confirmed.

"I was shocked by so many of the confessionals. It's like Lesa and Chanel had nothing good to say about anybody at all," she continued. "They were just focusing on the girls and dragging everyone down."

Sara Al Madani And Caroline Brooks Reconciled After A Feud Over Parenting

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According to Al Madani, who criticized the parenting of Caroline Brooks, the two of them were able to make amends with one another due to Brooks' admission of having overreacted and her decision to apologize.

"She understood. She overreacted. She apologized," Al Madani explained. "I apologized. We became friends. That's what maturity is — discussing and moving forward. I told her next time, come talk to me."

Sara Al Madani Reveals What Fans Can Expect From The 'RHODubai' Season 1 Reunion

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Speaking of the debut reunion for The Real Housewives of Dubai, Al Madani said that she went into the taping with confidence because she knew no one had receipts on her.

"I've never gossiped and never said anything about anyone behind their back," Al Madani confirmed. "I was loving to everybody. I went there prepared. I had some questions that needed clarification."

Sara Al Madani Teases That The Real Will Be Separated From The Fake At The 'RHODubai' Reunion

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"We addressed so many things in the reunion," she added. "You're gonna see who's real, who's not. Who's fake, who's not. Who's thirsty, Who's not. Who are really friends and who's not. It will basically show you the truth."

To see more of Al Madani and her cast mates, don't miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of Dubai season one, which are currently airing at 9/8c on Bravo.