'He's Very Misrepresented': 'Southern Charm' Star Olivia Flowers On Austen Kroll's Reputation

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Olivia Flowers believes her current flame and Southern Charm co-star, Austen Kroll, has been misrepresented on Bravo.

Following Kroll's controversial appearances on Summer House, which featured the beer boss in a love triangle with co-stars Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard, Flowers spoke out in his defense, insisting that there is a much kinder side to Kroll that fans have yet to see.

Olivia Flowers Is In A 'Good Place' With Austen Kroll After Filming 'Southern Charm' Season 8

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During an August 11 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Olivia Flowers said that while fans will have to continue to watch the eighth season of Southern Charm play out to learn her exact status with Austen Kroll, the two of them are doing well at the moment.

"You have to tune in and watch the rest of the season to find out, but we're in a very good place," Flowers teased. "I wouldn't be involved with him, how I have been, if I couldn't [see a future with him]."

Olivia Flowers Finds Austen Kroll To Be Very 'Sensitive'

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While Kroll was flooded with backlash as he seemingly juggled Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard on Summer House, Flowers said there's more to Kroll than what meets the eye.

"He's very misrepresented," Flowers declared. "He's very sensitive, and I think a lot of the times, he really does just speak his mind and say things how they are. And I think they can be misunderstood sometimes."

"The Summer House thing, when I watched it back, I thought he was very honest about his intentions," she further explained. "He was showing up single and wanted to have a good time. So I think sometimes people can get in their own feelings, and he's just an easy one to make the bad guy. But I don't think he ever is out to intentionally hurt anyone."

Olivia Flowers Intended To Keep Things 'Cordial' With Austen Kroll's Ex Amid 'Southern Charm' Season 8

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As for Flowers' relationship with Madison LeCroy, who dated Kroll for years, she told the outlet she fully intended to be kind to her Southern Charm castmate.

"I really had the intention of just at least being cordial [with her]," Flowers insisted. "She and I never needed to be friends and go to brunch together, but I didn't see any reason for us to have anything negative to say about the other or be nasty to one another."

Olivia Flower Ultimately Learned Madison LeCroy Was Talking About Her Behind Her Back

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Despite her efforts to remain civil, Flowers said she ultimately learned that LeCroy was speaking ill of her when she wasn't around.

"To have those friendly interactions and then to hear that she was saying other things behind my back, and saying nasty things? It was like, I just got pushed to the point of frustration," she admitted.

To see more of Flowers, Kroll, and their castmates, don't miss new episodes of Southern Charm season eight on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.