NFL News: Dak Prescott Trusted To Lead Inexperienced Cowboys WR Group

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Tristin McKinstry

The Dallas Cowboys could use help and depth at the wide receiver position. Amari Cooper was traded to the Cleveland Browns, Cedrick Wilson left for the Miami Dolphins, and James Washington broke his foot early in camp.

Also missing is Michael Gallup, who has become a reliable pass catcher in recent years. He tore his ACL last year and is still recovering from that injury,

However, the team's receiving core could also use a shot of experience. Their most tenured receiver is Noah Brown, a six-year veteran in the league. However, he has never caught 20 passes in a single year.

Despite this, the Cowboys are content with their receiving core, and for one big reason: quarterback Dak Prescott.

'I Know What's Expected'

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Prescott spoke to reporters on Sunday after practice. He mentioned that while he hasn't explicitly been asked to lead this inexperienced group, he knows there are certain expectations that come along with the job.

“I don’t know if somebody sat down and asked me to do more necessarily but I know what’s expected,” Prescott said, via ESPN. “I know being the quarterback of this team, I know being a quarterback of whatever team you are, what’s expected in your role and responsibility.”

'He Can Do It'

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Team owner Jerry Jones virtually confirmed Dak is expected to lift the current group of receivers. He believes in Prescott's abilities that much.

“He can do that. I especially think he can do it with what we’re trying to do with [running back Tony] Pollard or what we’re trying to do with [tight end Dalton] Schultz,” Jones said. “You know Dak’s going to take it to the right guy. ... Dak’s going to go as good as anybody there is out here throwing the ball at what the defense gives you.”

Maturing As A Player

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Prescott spoke about needing to progress as both a player and a leader. He wants to elevate those around him, and he needs to get better in order to accomplish that.

However, he believes the wide receiver group in Dallas is much better than people give it credit for. And there's one player he believes has a huge role in that. One player who can also help Dak become the leader and player he wants to be.

“We've got a guy that, in CeeDee, to start the camp off that we didn't have like that that year. That's a big difference there just to begin,” Prescott said. “As well as my growth and my maturity as a quarterback and just this whole game, as well as elevating these other guys.

The Details

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Prescott mentioned one key component of his game he wants to improve. And it's something that can help the entire offense move along.

“Details,” Prescott said. “Maybe it’s what I saw. Maybe it’s what they didn’t see or asking them why they did that so we can be on the same page. We’ve got to be focused on the details and our discipline.”