Mandy Rose Shows Off Killer Abs In Progress Pics

Mandy Rose with wavy brown hair and blue eyes.
instagram | Mandy Sacs

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Mandy Rose is making it known that she is serious about her gym gains. The NXT Women's Champ means business, and she has been busy pumping iron in the weight room.

In an Instagram post, Mandy flaunted her ripped ab muscles after a workout session in her home gym, telling her 3.3 million followers that champs always stay ready for battle.

See her inspiring fitness progress below.

Showing Off Her Killer Abs

Mandy Rose displaying her abs at the gym.
instagram | Mandy Rose

Champs stay ready, according to Mandy Rose, who has been tirelessly preparing for her next season. Wearing a sports bra, a pair of workout leggings, and without a stitch of makeup on her face, the wrestler posed with her hands on her hips, flexing her toned arms and washboard abs.

"I've been really hitting it hard the past few weeks so it's always good to take some time and take some progress pics !! 💪🏻💪🏻 let's gooooo #Champstaysready 👊🏻," she wrote in the caption.


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Keeping Her Body Fit And Ready

Mandy Rose sporting gym clothes while taking a mirror selfie.
instagram | Mandy Rose

To ensure that her body stays ready, Mandy trains regularly. She shared with Muscle and Fitness that she works out five to six times a week.

"I usually work out five or six days per week, depending on my schedule, with each workout lasting about one and a half hours," she explained.

She once demonstrated in a YouTube video how easily she does 100 reps of ab exercises.

Working Her Lower Body

Mandy Rose wearing leather hot pants with thigh-high boots.
instagram | Mandy Rose

Her abs are not the only muscle group that gets treated with intense training. According to Mandy, her favorite exercise is squats. She loves exercising her lower body and the results are evident in her head-turning figure.

"My favorite body part to train is my lower body," Rose said in an interview. "I get a great feeling after a good squat day or leg session. That rush of serotonin is part of why I continue to work out and live a healthy lifestyle."

Mandy shared one of the circuit training she does before leg day for her fitness-loving followers. Working on her hip mobility and stretching her muscles helps her body become stronger in preparation for leg day.

Making Time For Rest

Mandy Rose wearing Calvin Klein underwear while lounging on the couch.
instagram | Mandy Rose

While she is consistent with her fitness routine, she also knows when to rest. Mandy knows recovery is essential for her muscles, so she always finds time to treat her body with a relaxing massage or a chiropractic session.

"Recovery is very important with how much we train," she explained. "Rest for me is No. 1, because I need my seven to eight hours of sleep every night. And whenever I can get body work done, like a massage or chiropractor session, I do it."