Danica Patrick Makes Her Mark In Bikini

Danica Patrick
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Triston Brewer

With a brilliant career as an American race car driver and a success story that resonates with young girls and women worldwide, Danica Patrick is one of the most inspiring faces in professional sports.

A true pioneer that broke down barriers for women in the sport of racing for years, she has kept the bar high as a new legion of women seek to pursue their passion of race car driving for the next generation.

With no role models of her own growing up that looked like her, what Danica has done with her career is ensure that this is no longer the case and the next race car champion that is a woman will have her to thank in the process.

Now moving on to the next chapter of her life at 40, Patrick claims that the best is yet to come, and her fans are inclined to believe her. With more than 877,000 Instagram fans checking her out on social media, they are always up to date on her latest projects, plus they get here in the latest faction as well.

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Danica Patrick

A basic black two-piece bikini, please!

Who ordered the stunning woman with the gorgeous bikini? The glam photo has Danica looking her absolute best in a two-piece swimsuit that is little but perfect for her frame. It's a great look on her, and she is ready for the summer.

Danica Was The First Woman To Win An Indy Car Series Championship Event

Danica Patrick
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As someone accustomed to being the first to accomplish something, it should be no surprise that Patrick was the first female to win a major open-wheel race in a series held in North America. Driving a Hallara Honda for the AGR team was one of the first times that those outside the sport began to notice the woman taking the helm and staying there.

Most Successful Female Driver In Open Wheel Racing History

Danica Patrick
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There still is no woman out there that has yet to achieve what Danica has, and every time she poles well in a race, it is so inspiring for young women to see that they can perform outside the traditional gender roles and thrive. Thanks to her superb racing skills, Danica procured a huge contract with Rahal Letterman Racing. This makes skiing anymore far less problematic.

Off-Track, Danica Is A Writer And An Actor

Danica Patrick
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Now that she is done with racing, she has turned her sights to writing and podcasting. She published Danica: Crossing the Line in 2017 and Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body, And Food Plan That Will Absolutely Change Your Life. as a follow-up.