Officials Say New Hampshire Girl Was Murdered In 2019

Harmony Montgomery
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A New Hampshire girl who has been missing for nearly three years is a homicide victim, although her remains have yet to be found, authorities said Thursday.

Harmony Montgomery was most likely killed in Manchester in early December 2019, New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella told reporters during a news conference this week. She was five years old at the time.

New Hampshire Authorities Say There Is Evidence Harmony Montgomery Is Dead

Harmony Montgomery
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Formella, the state's top prosecutor, said investigators have uncovered "biological evidence" that has "led us to this difficult and tragic conclusion."

"This is now officially a homicide investigation," Formella said. "Our investigators will continue to seek justice and look into the circumstances of Harmony's murder and search for her remains."

The FBI and New Hampshire State Police searched an apartment in Manchester earlier this summer, where they seized possible evidence related to the case of the missing New Hampshire girl, who was last seen in the winter of 2019. The girl would be eight years old today.

Police Searched A Home Where Her Father Lived

Adam Montgomery and Kayla Montgomery
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Boston 25 reported that investigators removed what appeared to be a refrigerator from the former apartment of Harmony Montgomery's father. They also appeared to load floor boards onto a truck to be brought to a lab for analysis.

The Boston Globe reported that the girl's father, Adam Montgomery, and her stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, once lived at the address. It's not clear if Harmony ever lived there.

Harmony Was Last Seen In 2019 But Wasn't Reported Missing Until 2021

Harmony Montgomery
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Harmony Montgomery was last seen in November or December of 2019 but wasn't officially declared missing until December 2021, more than two years after the fact.

Adam Montgomery claimed he last saw the child when he handed her off to her birth mother around Thanksgiving 2019, but the mother, Crystal Sorey, denies his claims about giving her the child.

Sorey had custody of Harmony for the first years of her life but was removed from her care by the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families due to drug use. Adam Montgomery then sought custody of his daughter once he was released from prison in 2019.

Adam Montgomery has been in jail since January 2022 on charges of assault against Harmony, interference with custody, and endangering the welfare of a child. He has pleaded not guilty. 

Officials Narrowed Down The Time She Disappeared

Harmony Montgomery
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Adam's wife and Harmony's stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, has pleaded not guilty to lying to a grand jury probing Harmony's disappearance and collecting welfare benefits after the girl was no longer living in the household.

Investigators have since narrowed the time frame of Harmony's disappearance from November 28 to December 10, 2019. However, there is still a lot of information missing between when she was last seen by anyone other than her father and when she was officially missing.

The Massachusetts Department of Child & Families has come under fire for its handling of Harmony Montgomery and granting custody of the girl to her father. He has spent time in prison and is a convicted felon. The department reportedly dropped the ball by not checking in more frequently on Harmony and ensuring her well-being in the care of her father, especially since the child showed several signs of abuse during one home visit.

In October 2019, a DCF worker noted a red mark in Harmony's eye and faded bruising under her eyelid. Adam Montgomery says the mark was caused when she was struck by a toy while playing with a sibling.

Officials Are Still Seeking The Public's Help

Harmony Montgomery
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Investigators are still requesting the public's help in the search for Harmony. Anyone with information can call or text the 24-hour tip line at 603-203-6060. The line is dedicated specifically to Harmony's case.