NBA Rumors: Knicks Land D'Angelo Russell In Proposed Trade

D'Angelo Russell
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Ernesto Cova

It's been a while since we last saw D'Angelo Russell make the headlines. What was once a promising NBA career derailed due to inconsistency and multiple changes of scenery, but he's still pretty young.

But even despite his close relationship with Karl-Anthony Towns, some believe his future with the Minnesota Timberwolves could be in jeopardy after a subpar playoff series vs. the Grizzlies.

Timberwolves Want Russell... For Now

D'Angelo Russell
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Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor recently dismissed those rumors, stating that Chris Finch believes he can thrive with the new-look roster:

“[Head coach Chris Finch] believes that with the new lineup, and with Russell in that lineup, that he’ll have a much better year just because of the way we’re going to play,” Taylor said, per Hoops Rumors. “He says he thinks there’s a big upside for Russell with this group of (players). That’s to his advantage and to our advantage if it works out.”

But what if the early returns aren't favorable? Will they fill the same way? And will Russell be okay with a diminished role? It doesn't seem likely at this point. With that in mind, Vincent Frank of Sportsnaut claimed that the Timberwolves could ship him to the New York Knicks.

Why Would Timberwolves Trade Him?

D'Angelo Russell
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Simply put, the Timberwolves can't afford to waste any more time. Trading for Rudy Gobert proves they're in championship mode despite their youth.

So, although Russell may have a higher ceiling than most of the role players the Knick could give them, it's all about the right fit. They need players that suit their roster better, as KAT and Anthony Edwards can easily lead the offense.

Why Should Knicks Go After Him?

D'Angelo Russell
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The Knicks are in the hunt for another star and have made Donovan Mitchell their top priority. But Mitchell hasn't officially requested a trade, and he still has plenty of time left in his contract, so the Jazz are in no rush to move him.

If the Jazz decide to play hardball and the Knicks still want another go-to guy, then they could focus on landing a cheaper player and wait until the summer to make a big splash in free agency.

It's A Win-Win

D'Angelo Russell
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The Knicks want to go back to the playoffs, and the Timberwolves want to put the pieces together and end their drought once and for all. They could get them by parting ways with their struggling combo guard.

It's been a while since we've seen a star in New York, and Russell was at his best during his days in Brooklyn, so maybe going back to the East is just what he needs to get his career back on track.