MLB News: Bo Bichette Explains Why He Doesn't Like Load Management

Bo Bichette
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Ernesto Cova

In an era where most players look to preserve their health, especially with the postseason on the horizon, Toronto Blue Jays star Bo Bichette isn't like most of his MLB colleagues.

Bichette never wants to take a day off, not even when he's hurt. And even though some around the organization advised him to take a breather amid his offensive slump, that's not who he is.

It's His Job To Play

Bo Bichette
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When asked about load management, Bichette admitted to being addicted to the grind. His job is to play, so he'll play:

“I feel it’s my job to go out there every day and compete, whether I feel good physically or mentally,” Bichette said, per Sportsnet. “It doesn’t make it right or wrong … but I have to be out there for my team. That’s how I look at it. The game can be tough at times, for sure, but I enjoy the process of competing no matter how I feel. I enjoy just grinding through it and I’m not sure there’s much else to it, to be honest."

He Wants To Be Like His Idols

Bo Bichette
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The star shortstop claimed that he wanted to be just like his idols. Also, Marcus Semien's mentorship last season made a significant impact on how he handles himself as a professional:

“I saw it represented last year by Marcus (Semien.) And the players I looked up to growing up, they posted pretty much every day," Bichette added. "Derek Jeter would play 159 or 162 every year. I just think it’s important to do as a leader on the team.”

Bichette Is Getting Hot At The Right Time

Bo Bichette
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Bichette recently got out of a weeks-long slump. He's one of the most gifted offensive players on his team, and they needed him to get back on track in the critical stretch of the season:

“I’m just trusting my ability, trusting my bat speed and trusting my swing,” Bichette said. “And I’m seeing the ball well. I think my biggest strength is hitting the ball the other way. Sometimes I try to force that instead of just letting it happen. But I think I’m doing a good job of just letting the ball travel and trusting my swing.”

It's One Day At A Time

Bo Bichette
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He knows he can get all the time back in just one swing. But he's finally being more patient with his at-bats, and it's paid off:

“Being in the right frame of mind,” Bichette concluded. “Being in the moment. Not trying to get my season back in one swing.”

The Blue Jays are well in the mix for a postseason berth, so they'll need their Ironman at his best to get over the hump.