'We Eat Dinner With Our Kids': Melissa Gorga Shares How She Maintains Family Bond

Melissa Gorga of RHONJ
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How Melissa Gorga keeps up with her family despite her busy schedule is still a wonder. In addition to being a cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she is also an author, singer, and designer. Melissa's Instagram page is saturated chiefly with photos of her and her husband, her and one of her three children, or all of them together. 

Keep scrolling to see the different times Melissa has shared sweet moments with her family.

Wine For Two

It is no longer news that the RHONJ star occasionally enjoys a bottle of red wine to relax. However, the fact that she gets to sip it with her spouse Joe Gorga by her side makes even the driest bottle sweeter. On August 10, 2022, Melissa and Joe celebrated surviving another day by posting an adorable photo of them on Instagram. In the picture, they sat together with Melissa leaning her back on Joe.

"Only the strong survive. I love you @joeygorga. Wine for 2 please," Melissa captioned the photo.

Melissa's caption was likely about her and Joe surviving another cheating rumor. Lately, there have been reports Melissa cheated on Joe with her friend, Nick Barrotta. However, sources close to the couple denied the allegations, claiming Joe and Melissa are close friends with Nick and found the rumors ridiculous.

Melissa Is Keen On Family Bond

Although Melissa is busy running her Envy shop and presenting the Melissa Gorga on Display podcast, she cherishes intimate moments. She and Joe use it as a means of maintaining their close bond.

"We eat dinner with our kids together every night," Melissa recently told New Jersey Family. 

Melissa also said she reminds herself to "put the phone down and stop checking emails" from time to time. "I've learned to stop and put it down to spend time with my family on a Sunday or after dinner, when we're talking for that hour, when everyone's home after dinner, before homework and bed," Melissa added.

The mom of three ensured to share the photos of her family in the magazine on her Instagram feed.

Melissa Inspires Other Moms

Melissa Gorga is an inspiration to many women
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Melissa's fans praised her in the comment section. Many of them, also moms, expressed how their favorite's love for her family inspires them. 

"I just love you Melissa! You are absolutely beautiful and I can see you're an AMAZING mom and wife!! You are my favorite housewife on New Jersey! You are an inspiration to us women who are moms, wives and business owners! God bless you and your family!" a fan wrote. 

"Love it! What an inspirational woman," commented another fan. 

"What a beautiful family," wrote another fan.

Gorga 22

Melissa shared a wonderful moment with her family as she spent time on the field with her husband and their son Joey. She attended a baseball game with her loved ones, posting the most priceless family moments from the occasion on her Instagram page.

The businesswoman smiled as she posed with Joe and their youngest son in the collection of adorable photos. The trio looked lovely as they matched red jerseys bearing their last names and the number 22 on their backs.

"GORGA," Melissa wrote in the caption of the photos, also adding a red heart emoji.

How Melissa loves and prioritizes, her family time is so inspiring. Hopefully, she will share more of those moments with her fans.