MLB News: Braves Prospect Vaughn Grissom Makes History In Debut

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Ernesto Cova

It's one thing to be called up to the Majors, and a whole different story to make history on your very first game.

That's what happened to Atlanta Braves prospect Vaughn Grissom, one of the best hitters in the Minors and a guy expected to make a big impact going forward for the reigning World Series champions.

He's A Competitor

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Grissom started at second base and went 2-for-4 with a home run and a stolen base. He became the youngest MLB player to hit a homer and steal a bag in his debut and the first Braves player to do it.

He got off to a slow start with a force out and a strikeout, but then, the magic happened:

“The competitive nature kicked in,” Grissom told “I had a couple of at-bats, and I failed a couple of times. So it was just like, ‘All right, like you're down.’ I'm not gonna say I expected it, but like, I need to do something.”

It Was A Dream Come True

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Grissom knocked a ball out of the ballpark in his third career at-bat, driving in a couple of runs to help build the Braves' lead over the Boston Red Sox. He couldn't believe his eyes:

“I couldn’t even speak for a long time,” Grissom added. “I mean, all my childhood dreams came true. You think you’re going to react a lot easier and a lot better, and then it happened and I thought I was having a heart attack.”

It Was A Perfect Situation

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And to make things even more perfect, Grissom drove Michael Harris II in with his first homer. They're two of the organization's top prospects and rose through their farm system together since being taken in the 2019 MLB Draft:

“What better situation can I be in?” Grissom said. “To have one of my boys who’s already doing this and can show me the way -- which is just ridiculous -- I don’t think anyone’s gotten blessed like I did.”

Brian Snitker Is Excited

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Braves manager Brian Snitker was quite impressed by the rook's attitude. Grissom is expected to play at both second base and shortstop with Orlando Arcia and Ozzie Albies struggling with injuries, and his skipper is excited about what he's heard about him:

“He did great. Nothing fazed him,” Snitker said. “I heard from the guys that power is real. And he started kind of showing up this year and he was always talked about his bat-to-ball skills, kind of the reason why they drafted him.”

You can't imagine a better debut than that.