'This Person Is My Person': Olivia Wilde Opens Up About Relationship With Babs Burchfield

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Olivia Wilde and Babs Burchfield have progressed from business partners to best friends, with Olivia referring to her as "her person" in an interview with Elle. The actress went on to say that Babs isn't her person in a romantic sense but rather a business partner. Babs Burchfield, the 40-year-old co-founder of Conscious Commerce, a sustainable lifestyle firm. The women met on a charitable expedition to Haiti and became work and hair partners. Both are the same shade of blonde, and when they speak, they sure utilize their platinum blonde strands.

From Being Business Partners To Bestfriends

The business partners founded Conscious Commerce to identify outstanding companies that were addressing their business strategies in a less harmful, more innovative manner. Even after ten years, they are still taking the corporate world by storm while keeping genuine connections with one other. So far, they've assisted huge firms like Audi, H&M, and Anthropologie in making better decisions for the world, and Bali happens to be their end objective as they strive to conquer it together. Bali, it turns out, is also where the duo found their latest project, a line with the environmentally certified company Cleobella.

How They Knew They Were A Match

We were both on our way to Haiti. Babs was the founder of the Artists for Peace and Justice organization. However, Babs effortlessly ran the organization, being an authentic human, having a full creative vision, generating money, and performing outreach piqued Olivia's interest. Olivia said, " "People didn't necessarily think of me as business-minded, but I am. And she truly is, in the same way."That is how they merged interests and became advocates for sustainability.

Qualities They Look For In Business Partners

The duo is looking for partners looking for more than just more money. They seek partners who see a new way to do business and are willing to take some risks to get there. The connecting thread appears to be optimism. However, they are drawn to people energized by the prospect of changing the world via business.

Managing Work Schedule

Olivia revealed how she manages to keep up with work schedules in an interview with Glamour in 2016.

"I see these various projects as balancing me. They keep me sane, because they keep me continuously educating myself, challenging myself, and satisfying myself with so many different types of experiences. I tend to thrive when working constantly, when I reach a sort of productive hum. Don't get me wrong, it also means a sort of acceptance of my own personal failure at one thing or the other at any given time, and that's okay."