Savannah James Smacks LeBron James' Phone For Ignoring Her

LeBron James and Savannah James post for cute snap
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Billionaire basketball player LeBron James who plays for Los Angeles Lakers is one of the all-time great NBA players. However, to his wife, Savannah James, he is still just a regular guy who gets smacked for being silly.

The Instagram model and LeBron have never been too private about their relationship. They usually share their cutest moments with their fans.

For example, LeBron recently shared a video where Savannah smacked his phone off his hands for not paying attention to her.

See more details about the funny video below.

LeBron Ignores Savannah

In the funny video, the Lakers superstar was showcasing his brand new green sweatsuit in the video for the "LeBron 20," as he dubbed it in reference to his upcoming 20th NBA season. The outfit had "Nike Patent" emblazoned beneath the team years and the years he spent playing for each of the three franchises.

While LeBron was making his video, Savannah asked him about renewing their vows, but like many husbands, James was only paying half attention while appreciating his new green sweat suit.

Savannah Wasn't Having LeBron's Joke

Savannah and LeBron James are fashion icons
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It is impossible to tell if LeBron's aloofness was purposefully created for the camera or if it was simply a case where he had his head in the clouds. Savannah, however, did not appreciate her husband's pranks. 

The video ended with what appeared to be Savannah snatching LeBron's phone out of his hands after she gave him a side-eye and asked him not to record their conversation. 

It was strangely comforting to see Savannah acting like any other wife as she yearned for her husband's attention. 

High School Sweethearts 

LeBron James and Savannah are couple goals
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LeBron shared the video on his Instagram story while he laughed at Savannah's hostility.

Savannah and the NBA player started dating in high school, but they tied the knot in 2003.

Since then, the pair have never had relationship issues in the media. Hence, the high school sweethearts have become one of the favorite couples everyone loves to see.

Couple Goals

Savannah and LeBron have also become "couple goals" to their fans because of their stunning photos together. 

On September 19, 2021, Savannah took to her Instagram feed to share a cute black and white photo of herself and LeBron. She captioned the photo, "All I need in this life of sin." 

Savannah and LeBron are one of the cutest celebrity couples. They have been married for nine years and share three adorable kids. One can only hope the couple enjoys more beautiful years ahead.