Patriots Should Bring Trey Flowers Back, Claims Analyst

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Ernesto Cova

Following some good-old free-agency frenzy, we're now just one month away from the 2022 NFL season and some of the best players have yet to find a team.

That includes 29-year-old EDGE rusher Trey Flowers, who was one of the most dominant defensive forces in the league earlier in his career but couldn't keep that production up in the past couple of years.

Injuries Derailed His Career

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Flowers left the New England Patriots in 2018 and then signed a huge deal with the Detroit Lions to continue playing under Matt Patricia.

But even though he was quite impressive early in that tenure, injuries derailed what was a promising career and led to his release. He's now a free agent but hasn't gauged all that much interest around the league.

It Would Be A Classic Bill Belichick Move

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That's why Bill Belichick could and should make the most of the chance to bring him back. According to Pats' insider Sarah Marshall, that's right on par with his usual M.O, and the team has the means to make a deal work:

"New England’s defensive line is not necessarily in need of more help per se, but bringing back a familiar face is not uncommon for Belichick to do," Marshall wrote. "With the contract extension of Davon Godchaux clearing cap space for this season, the Patriots have more money to play with if they choose to."

They Could Get Him At A Discount

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The Lions still owe him $1.4 for the upcoming season, and he's often failed to be on the gridiron. That's why the Pats could land a top-tier talent at a cheaper price:

"Because his last two seasons were not as productive due to injury, it’s possible Belichick could sign Flowers to a cheaper deal," Marshall added. "His familiarity with not only the New England system but also the coaches and his success with said coaches makes him the perfect acquisition at the right price."

Pats' Defense Could Be Scary

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The Patriots boast a solid defense but they may need to be even better after early reports of worrisome struggles from Mac Jones and the offense in training camp:

"If he can remain healthy, he could continue being a force on the field. Pairing with Judon on the edge would make the defense better equipped to get to the quarterback and also stop the run; both of which have been weaker areas for the team over the past few season," Marshall added. "The biggest hurdle that stands in the way of this happening is the money. But Flowers is in charge of his current fate."

So, what are you waiting for, Bill? Pick up the phone!